Power Habits for Change

Course Overview

Program 1

Mental Strength in Times of Change

  • Design Habits to craft mental well-being, remove stress and create success out of uncertainty.
  • Crafting a mindset - Understanding behavioral psychology to tap into motivation, [erspective and positive outcomes
  • Feeling is Right - Reading, accepting and reframing emotions derived from change
  • Thriving @ Change - Identifying and seizing your opportunities during transition
  • Self-caring is Productive - Understanding mental signs and creating a toolbox for wellbeing
  • Managing Stress and Preventing Anxiety 
  • Building Grit - Building powerful resilience in times of uncertainty

Program 2

Working from Home - Productivity Habits

​​Design Habits for high productivity at work - even when you are working from home. Create a system that will create value for you and your organization, remove bottle-necks and procrastination, develop fulfillment routines and make people aware of your success.

  • Flow at Work - performing while fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity
  • Effective Interactions - optimal communication and nudging others
  • Mastering Organization of Time, Prioritizing and Balancing Life & Work - the mindfulness behind Works
  • Crafting a Productivity Mindset - Understating behavioral psychology to tap into motivation, perspective and positive outcome
  • Self-caring and Productivity - Understanding mental signs and creating a toolbox for well-being

Program 3 - Emotional Intelligence - Habits at Work

Master one of the most powerful predictor of success. Gain the ability to control your own emotions and understand others to get results​ with our proven eQ system. Intellectual and technical skills are no longer enough on their own to assure success in the workplace, especially in time of uncertainty.

Assess your emotional intelligence and identify your areas for development

  • Learn to manage your emotions (especially those negative emotions!)
  • Develop better self-regulation and emotional control
  • Improve your self-awareness    
  • Improve your social skills by understanding other peoples' emotions
  • Create your own value chain of emotional intelligence at work and life 
  • Motivate yourself towards important goals    
  • Practice feeling, thinking and connecting with empathy
  • Create a life-lasting power process to unleash your most important asset: your ability to connect in life and business

Program 4 - Career Shift Habits in times of change

Ignite personal mastery, positive thinking and growth mindset to take your next move in your career: Identify goals, actions and gaps; create your own process for career building habits to reach your goal: in your current, next job or entrepreneurial venture.

Identify your next RIGHT career move - what is next and why?

  • Find out how to design a system specifically for your career aspirations
  • Learn the Bessern Habits creation methodology to: stop stalling, create actions to prepare your move, planning of quick returns, motivation
  • Create and Grow Connections - Communication, Participation, Positive Relationships, Networking
  • Become Aware - Focus, Career Goals and Values, Strengths and Gaps 
  • Build Agility - Resilience, Growth Mindset, Sense of Control, Risk Tolerance
  • Tactics to Leverage your Brand for Success -  Social Media, Search, Branding unique selling proposition, turning work experience into value
Women@Work Course -
Duration 15 days or less
Cost $250 - with an additional 20% discount for Women@Work members