Performance Management

Course Overview

Performance Management is one of the most important acts of leadership. Successful managers recognise that to get things done cost-effectively they have to ‘grow’ their people to achieve their full potential. Excellent performance requires clear direction, feedback and improvement advice from managers.

This 3 hour online bespoke workshop, focuses on the exact principles and tools needed to ‘Performance Manage’. This session shall equip the attendees with the following knowledge:

1. How to conduct an effective and efficient Performance Management Process?
2. How to create KRA templates with Goals and Behaviors
3. The desired Leadership Competency and Competency for employees for Performance Management
4. Model and tools for Performance Management Process i.e;
- Management By Objectives (advantages; disadvantages)
- 360 degree (advantages; disadvantages)
- Nine box model (advantages and disadvantages)
5. What are the Limitations when implementing a Performance Management process

Course Description

Quarterly reviews and annual performance appraisals are not enough. Organisations need to create a culture where coaching and feedback occur as a routine part of each day.

The Session shall cover the following :
1. What is Performance Management?
2. The SIX STEP PROCESS for Performance management
3. Checklist for Performance Management Process
4. CONSIDERATIONS for devising the overall vision for the organization
5. Leadership STYLE THEORY for developing the vision of the organization
6. What is the Basic data required for Performance Management?
(i) Qualitative
(ii) Quantitative
7. How can Performance Management be done for Large and Small Organization?
8. Implementation factors to be considered for performance management
9. Limitations while implementing Performance Management
10. A quick summary on the approach process and tools

Who is this course for

Entrepreneurs, Leaders & Managers. It is also suitable for anyone who is looking to start a career in Human Resources or starting a managerial position

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Women@Work Course -
Duration 3 hours online
Cost Price tailored as per requirements