Wendy Best, Virtuzone | Marvellous Mums

Let us introduce Wendy Best, a single working mum of two, talks about her role at Virtuzone, juggling family life and the growing trend in female entrepreneurs in the UAE.

Tell us about Virtuzone and your role within the business

I work in the Company Formation Department.  My role is Consultancy and Sales.  I assist clients to establish which type of license is better for their activity and which jurisdiction to set up in.  I take care of the paperwork and signings and then it gets handed over to my support team to facilitate the process.

How did you feel going back to work after having children?

It was really tough at first.  However, due to the financial needs of my family I didn’t have a choice so this made it easier.  Once I was working again I actually really enjoyed it.  It was so much easier than I had anticipated.  I was happy to be learning and growing again and it gave me a sense of myself back again. I do miss my children and they miss me but we make up for it by ensuring the time that we have together much more valuable and precious. Now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It is surprisingly better like this.

How do you cope with balancing work and family life? Is there such a thing as ‘having it all”?

I won’t lie, it is quite difficult.  As a single Mother it is especially hard as I don’t have anyone to share the responsibility with.  When I am not at work I am with the kids… You have to work hard to not allow guilt to creep in.  You feel like you don’t give enough to your family and you don’t give enough to your work and you don’t give enough to yourself but you have to remind yourself that you are just doing the best that you can.  You also need to delegate.  I was always reluctant to ask my nanny to cook for the kids as I felt that was an important part of my job as a mother but after I gave in to that, it is so nice to come home and be able to sit down and just focus on them.  So, yes I think you can ‘have it all’ but you have to accept it will be a little bit less of each element.

How do you find time to make sure you find time for yourself within all the things you are juggling?

I make sure I take lunch breaks at work… every day… no matter how busy I am, as it is important to take some time for me.  I also maintain a social life at least one evening a week after the kids go to bed. At weekends I spend one of the days doing something fun with the kids or visiting friends and the other day I try to relax at home and let the kids entertain themselves but at least we are still all together.

Have you seen a growing trend in women in the UAE wanting to start their own businesses?

Yes, it seems to be getting more and more popular as women are required to supplement their husband’s income much more these days as the benefits are not like they used to be in terms of housing and school fees etc.  Although things are slowly starting to change here with regards to companies hiring on part-time and flexible basis, it is still difficult to find something that allows the work/family/life balance.  Also, there is a lot of activity going on around the region promoting women in business and women empowerment so women are feeling more supported and inspired.

Do you see many mums setting up their own businesses as a result of lack of flexibility in the corporate world?

Actually, we do see some of these scenarios, women who cannot find a flexible role that pays enough but mostly it is women who really have a passion, a talent, vision and drive and the financial back-up of a supportive husband who can hold the fort until she starts seeing the ROI.  But we also see single mums like myself who want to do something on the side to supplement their income so they set up a business.  We also see Mums who don’t want to work but just want to do something to utilize their skills.

Your 3 top tips for anyone looking to start their own business?

  1. Create a business plan and know what exactly you want to do.  Be ready to spend some money for expert support service such as branding, marketing, corporate profiles, networking, accounting and more.
  2. Make sure you look at all the licensing options.  It is better to consult a professional company formation specialist to assist as they will give you an overview of the different available options.
  3. Believe in Yourself