Upskilling for the New Year 2019

Have you thought about how you can start upskilling and get WORK ready for 2019?  New Year is fantastic to time to sit back and reflect on last year’s accomplishments, struggles and failures. On a professional front, it’s incredibly important to know what were the reasons for these and what can we do to build on (or eliminate!) them for the future. As we all know, old habits die hard, so focusing on the year ahead, it’s important to make some changes and upgrade those skills that we know can lead to a happier and more successful New Year.

1. Focus on Upskilling

Upskilling is not just fashionable but a MUST, as the market gets increasingly more competitive. What can we do to stand out from the crowd? We need to WOW interviewers with our impressive knowledge and new skills.

You may have a professional advantage over others, may have brought a lot of revenue for your business yet if you ignore the latest trends and technology in the market space, it will hinder all your previous good efforts.

These have been tailored in a way to cover all the market needs and give you the complete knowledge about the topic which leaves you with the knowledge and most importantly .. the confidence needed to wow at both work and interviews. These also act a great boost to your CV as they are considered as a significant value-addition which prepare you for bigger roles and can take you places.

2. Work on your CV/LinkedIn Account

If you’re now in a position to start looking for employment, it’s now essential to get your CV up-to-date and start building your social media presence. Do a little research and tailor your CV to suit the types of roles and industries you are applying for. Avoid leaving a big gap in your CV, an option could be to include any voluntary work you’ve done or included a ‘relevant experience’ section that highlights how you have developed characteristics considered desirables for the types of roles you’re going for. LinkedIn is also so important! This is a chance to showcase what you are all about, remember to keep it professional and no selfies, please!

3. Know your Stuff

One of the biggest concerns that employers have with regards to returnees is that they will not be up to date with the latest advancements, processes and practices in their industry. The hiring manager will be looking to see if you know your stuff so stay connected during your career break, keep on top of latest trends and keep up with news and key influences in your industry – WOW them with your knowledge in the interview!

Some useful courses in the finance world

Virginia Institute of Finance has locations across the world and cover finance, accounting, data, fraud and project management to name but a few. Take a look at some of our public courses, all of which hold great significance for the future as they equip you for tomorrow.  We would be delighted to speak to you about these, so please do get in touch.

Check the Virginia Institute of Finance website for more details on courses