Transitioning back to the workplace after taking a career break

Sarah Christensen, CEO and founder of Christensen Consultancy, a company dedicated to supporting women maximise their potential in whatever they do. She shares her advice on transitioning back to the workplace after taking a career break.

We asked Sarah for her advice on transitioning  back to the workplace after taking a career break.  Below Sarah gives her top tips…

You need to put systems in place to minimise the physical and psychological stress of going back to work. You need to be realistic and think about what you will and will not be able to do. Sit down and work out what is most important for you in the precious time you have and focus on those things. Don’t worry about the rest. Then communicate these priorities to the family and set expectations. Articulate what you can do, how you feel and what you need others to do. Acknowledge that it can be quite a change for everyone but you will get there.

Most of all, you need to believe in yourself. Create a three word mantra along the lines of “I am a ………….. and ………….. women. I can do this”. This will help you to unhook from those frustrating and unhelpful voices that show up when the pressure is on. Don’t get sucked in by them. Recognise them, thank them for showing up then take a deep breath and blow them away from you. Be kind and compassionate with yourself and stop to acknowledge what great things you have actually achieved in getting where you are today.