Returning to work with IBM

Returning to work can be a daunting process, however we are on hand to support your return to work with our returnship program. On the launch of our return to work program we had 1,000+ applications for roles with Visa, IBM and APCO International. One of the successful candidates from the interviews tshares her story…

We are delighted to introduce one of our successful candidates Ghada. Ghada joined the IBM team this month for the Return to Work program and has already becoming a shining star within their team! After almost 2 years out of her career we were interested to hear how Ghada was finding rejoining the workplace, not forgetting she has a 14 month old little girl and she’s 6 months pregnant – we salute you already Ghada!

The Mums@Work Return to Work program summed up in one word is about ‘OPPORTUNITY’ and Ghada’s journey definitely reflects this. Concerned that her two year career gap was about to get much longer as she is expecting her second baby soon, Ghada applied for the Mums@Work Return to Work program. Now she is having a professional come-back and job experience before she will deliver her second baby.

It was the right opportunity at the right time for the right candidate – brought to live through ‘Mums@work Return to Work’ Program. Although Ghada ‘s work experience did not cover all aspects of the job requirements, the IBM team took into consideration her recently awarded MBA and offered Ghada the role. The Return to Work program provided a perfect platform for Ghada to build practical experience in this new area of her career. Ghada feels grateful for this opportunity as she has been trying to find similar work experiences, as it builds perfectly to her professional experience, recent MBA, extracurricular activities and her thrive for continuous learning.

Chatting with Ghada I wanted to understand a bit more about how she had found the transition back to the workplace after a two year break and lots to juggle in her family life. “I honestly thought it would be harder than it has been, the nature of the Return to Work program offering flexibility has really helped with the transition, in addition to the IBM team being unbelievably supportive with my apprehension of leaving my little girl with her new nanny. Within a week I settled perfectly into the new schedule as did my daughter and we are loving the experience so far! I’ve been in the job shadowing for two weeks and cannot express how great it has been especially with IBM’s team support and coaching.

We are so pleased to hear Ghada’s story so far and I hope it inspires us all! Do keep your eyes peeled to our social media and newsletters as we will be bringing you lots more Return to Work opportunities soon.