Strata Manufacturing create an inclusive workplace through flexible working

We had the pleasure to visit Strata Manufacturing in Al Ain to find out more about how they attract and retain 86% of female Emirati employees. With innovative leadership, they offer part-time and flexible work to attract the best talent.  They are successful in creating an inclusive workplace through flexible working and giving women the opportunity to build their careers whilst maintaining their commitment to their families.

We spoke with Latifa Al-Blooshi who works in the Human Capital Department to find out more about working at Strata

Tell us a little about your role at Strata?

My name is Latifa Al-Blooshi and I have been with Strata for the past 4 years. I am currently working as a Recruitment Officer in the Human Capital Department.

My role as a recruiter allows me to collaborate with other department managers on regular basis and proactively identify future hiring’s as well as bringing new talents to Strata in order to fulfil manpower needs in different departments.

I prepare recruitment documents and assist in designing and implementing the overall recruiting strategy as well as developing job descriptions and job specifications for the roles that are required in Strata.

What attracted you to the role?

I am always seeking to attract top talents for designated departments. I believe that people are the key to the success of every company. It is very rewarding when you witness the growth of the employees, knowing that I played a major role in the decision-making process to hire those talented individuals.

This role also gave me the opportunity to socialise and network with various people. Throughout the past 4 years, I have developed my communication skills by attending a number of outreach programs and career fairs.

I want to grow in the aerospace industry and working as a recruiter exposed me to many individuals from all over the world. Which helped me understand how to deal and communicate with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to learn from talented individuals who have years of experience in the aerospace industry.

What is the best thing about working at Strata?

Strata have over 35 different nationalities, which means you are working with different cultures and exposed to international capabilities. I truly believe that diversity supports in shaping the culture of any company, and we have access to a wide pool of resources, skills, and opinions. Different cultural backgrounds mean different learning styles, different means of problem-solving and different perspectives on solutions.

In Strata, you are empowered to deliver your tasks and get to reap the fruit of it, where managers and colleagues recognize it and they become your support system with continuous encouragement to do more. We also have great leadership, role model management, friendly environment and an open door policy where employees and the management have no barriers; it encourages openness and transparency with the employees, this works as a huge motivator in the company.

With 86% Emirati females in the workforce, can you explain why you think Strata is attractive to females?

The Abu Dhabi government actively encourages the role of women in the UAE workplace and continues to introduce measures to achieve equality in all industries. Like many other companies, Strata follows the guidance of the UAE leadership in developing female talents and sculpt them to have leadership positions. In the last 10 years, Strata graduated the first female Emirati technician, the first Emirati NDT level 1, NDT level 2, supervisors, and engineers.

How do you manage to balance work and family commitments?

Strata offer part-time jobs for individuals that have other commitments. Therefore, I work 5 hours daily instead of 8 hours. I consider this as a win-win situation as I am able to give my best during my working hours and at the same time given the chance to spend more time with my family.

This option balanced my career and my time with my family. It motivates me to give more to my job while spending more time with my family.

Why do you think flexible working is important in the workplace?

Flexible working hours allows the employees to better meet family and personal needs.

It can also reduce the absenteeism level. For example, some parents prefer to start their day early so they can get the chance to drop their kids for school. It also helps with Strata’s objective in becoming “employer of choice” that offers work-life balance structure.


Article was written by Louise Karim, Managing Director of Women@Work

Women@Work Coach -
05 May 2019