Steer clear of your comfort zones

Today I’d like to talk about breaking out of your comfort zone. Why?  Comfort zones hold us back, restrict our potential and deny us freedom. Here’s how to feel at ease way outside of it!

Your comfort zone is the lifestyle and behaviours which feel most normal to you. It is built out of habit and psychologically speaking, is a risk negating technique designed to keep you from harm. The problem is, most of the time our comfort zone becomes controlling, rather than comforting. Your comfort zone makes anything new or risky feel dangerous or difficult.

The Power of Breaking Free

Breaking down your comfort zone is one of the most empowering experiences and can transform your business – and your life.

Your comfort zone puts boundaries around you by feeding you stories about yourself and your potential, making you doubt your capabilities.

When you break free of these mistruths, you can:

  • Take your business to the next level.
  • Create more time for the things in life that really matter.
  • Pursue further training or your next professional goal.
  • Make a bigger investment of your time or money into your business.
  • Take steps toward your ultimate dreams!

Break Free in Three Easy Steps

Today, I want to share with you an exercise I often use with my clients to help them identify and negate their comfort zone issues.

Identify your comfort zones

Comfort zones are often things we are fearful of or unwilling to give up. Take the time to think about what is holding you back. Perhaps you are unwilling to give up a salary in order to pursue your business. Or, maybe you are fearful of the work which comes with disciplined exercise. There might be a public speaking engagement that you’d love to do but are too nervous or a personal goal which feels unachievable.

Name one of your biggest comfort zone challenges.

Get to know the issue

Examine this comfort zone. Ask yourself:

  • How does it hold you back?
  • Where does your fear or unwillingness stem from?
  • What would the benefits be of breaking free from this?
  • Are you ready to change?

Face the fear and keep learning

Now, create a practical action plan to help you break out of your comfort zone. Make a timeline for the next week, the month and the year which outlines the steps you’re committed to making toward freedom.

Remember that comfort zones are relative and once you face your fears, they quickly dissipate. But, be patient with yourself and focus on progress, not a success.


The article was written by Shereen Hoban, executive business and entrepreneurial coach. Find out more about her coaching services and programmes or join her Launch & Thrive Facebook Community for Women Entrepreneurs.