Shalini Arora, Sunny Side Wellness | Be your own boss

Mums@Work team has spent a nice afternoon with Shalini who attended one of our Virtuzone events and has now successfully set up her business with them. Shalini Arora, Founder of Sunny Side Wellness, is a Natural Hygiene Coach and shared her experience with us on how she’s found setting up and doing business in the UAE.

Tell us a little about you and Sunny Side Wellness

I am a mother to an 18 years old daughter. People also have known me as a Real Estate professional. Now I am a full time Health Coach specializing in Natural Hygiene, a way of life. Sunny Side Wellness was born on June 1st 2018 and I can proudly say that it arrived at the right moment. It has begun its journey and I am here to serve people as I see the suffering increasing on this planet. Specifically in he UAE where I live, is where I wish to start my contribution first. I am seeing the lifestyle diseases statistics rising to an alarming level. I feel I can help in this situation and here comes my mission of giving people their Sunny Side back.

Why did you want to start up your own business?

Well, some of it is answered above. While I was working in the real estate sector, I have been studying for the last 6 years and have always been thinking of a way that I go out there to spread awareness and education about how simple health can be. We need to learn again like a child. Unfortunately nothing was taught in the curriculum that I can say taught us to accept a cold or a flu as body’s healing mechanism instead of our enemies which is then attacked by medication. I wish to explain people how bodies work and how they can be its friend being aware all the time, providing it the right fuel it needs to function. Our body after all is the most sophisticated machine on this planet in simple terms.

What challenges have you faced setting up in the UAE?

I never faced any challenges in setting up Sunny Side Wellness thanks to Virtuzone who made the process simple. It was only about the right time and that was on 1st of June 2018. I am very happy about the way health awareness is rising here in the UAE.

Who are your go-to people for support or networking?

At present, I have my own network of friends, professionals as well as fellow community residents in the beautiful “Green Community” where I live. I am actively involved in conducting workshops and giving health talks in corporate companies as well as my own community planning to spread to more such communities in Dubai. I would like to extend my gratitude to family , friends and all those who come out and support in my mission.

What tips do you have for others wishing to go it alone?

The only tip I have for others is the moment you feel it in your heart, is the right moment to go for it. Once that is done, dream must be planned into baby actions to finally arrive at your goal. The goal is not the target – that is where we fail. We must work on our action plans.


If you are looking to set up your business, contact Virtuzone. No matter your needs and budget, they have the right solution for you!