Career Transition: How to Reinvent your career

Having gone through a career transition, I can honestly say the process is not as easy one. It was disorientating, stressful, and demoralizing.   At that time, I was discussing with friends who were in the same situation, how to find a job and reinvent our careers. I am now delighted to say that I have found my way!

So here is my story. Some years ago, assisting friends and colleagues with the process of finding a new job was a hobby. One of my responsibilities as a Line Manager in a corporation, was to review and screen candidates in order to identify the right person for the role. Therefore, my acquaintances would utillize my expertise in this area to review their CV’s and produce cover letters. By doing this, I was able to  better highlight their potential and their suitability to the job description. I would provide them with interivew practise and the necessary know-how to approach recruiters. Some of them also needed a little push, and looked to me to help acquire energy, clarity, purpose and confidence.

As a devoted listener,  I love to find out what makes people tick, and what makes them special. Therefore, I did not mind dedicating some of my time and experience to those who needed it.

During this transitional time in my career, I wondered whether I should work as an Independent Consultant. I soon realized that this concept had great potential, and I possessed something valuable to offer others. Ultimately, this is how I founded Interview Lab in 2014.

My key learning? The thing that made me move forward? Be patient. Be kind to myself. Believe in myself. Look at what others value in me and capitalize on it. Always look forward to the next chapter of my life.

Reinventing oneself it’s not immediate, nor is it easy. It’s a process that usually starts with exploring, training in new skills, identifying and believing in yourself and in your talent, and following your passion. Passion alone won’t always get you a new job, but it can give you a better lease on life, and let you  pursue things you really care for and are talented at.

In the last few years at Interview Lab, I have guided friends and other professionals throughout the process of preparing for job interviews and finding their next job. In many cases their life went in a new direction, and looking back, it was a positive thing for them. I am proud to have contributed to it! And each person I worked with should be proud of their choice and what they achieved.

Why I am sharing my experience? Because I believe in the power of each of us, and in the fact that each of us has a talent that is unique and valuable . . . and I hope this will inspire you to find yours!


Article by Interview-Lab