Top 4 reasons to choose a co-working space

Are you a freelancer, corporate, entrepreneur or start-up? Do you find yourself working from home or tight coffee shops with bad Wi-Fi? co-working space is the ideal solution for you!

By definition, co-working is the use of a shared work environment where employers and professionals can share resources, ideas, and knowledge. As new technology and business models emerge, it is estimated that by 2020, 50% of the workforce in America will consist of ‘freelancers’- professionals that aim to transform a passion into a job. Moreover, this workforce will no longer be interested in the traditional way of work and will move into more urban office environments. The beauty of the co-working model is that it adapts extremely flexibly to all work needs. Here are some of the main reasons co-working is the future of office space.


Co-working spaces are almost always cheaper than a conventional office. By choosing to work from a co-working space, a lot of money is being saved on office rent and teams can work from multiple spaces in a beautiful yet productive environment. Instead of wasting money on office space, startups flock towards co-working spaces that provide great work environments at an affordable rate.


A variety of space enhances employee productivity. When you have spare time between meetings, it’s much more time-effective to drop into a co-working space. With a range of different workspaces, user can choose the best place to get each task done. Additionally, with regards to commute, employees can spend more time working rather than driving to and from the office.

Work Environment

The main issue with large offices and open space desks are that they are not suited to everybody’s work needs. At a co-working space, users can work at their comfort, whatever that may be. By using innovated design to create a unique space, co-working spaces create a stimulating environment where users can work but also relax and create a network.

Network of professionals

You can work independently but not alone. Working alone can get very lonely and boring, this often leads to demotivation and a feeling of isolation. Try a shared working space where you are exposed to professionals from diverse industries, make great connections and grow your network.


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