How to prepare for the perfect interview

Your newly polished CV has now landed you an interview and you might be wondering where to start. Not to worry! Women@Work is here to help and give advice on how to prepare for the perfect interview!


Do your research

It is essential to have a good understanding of the employer, the requirements of the job and the background of the person interviewing you. This way you will be able to not only understand the employer but you will also be able to answer questions with confidence as well as ask some of your own. These days, it is important to look past the company’s homepage – broaden your research into any published materials such as quarterly reports, blogs and news articles.

Review and prepare

Be ready for those questions that may catch you off guard: “How would your past colleagues describe you?”, “What are your weaknesses?” can be difficult to answer if they are not expected. Take a look at some typical interview questions in your industry and prepare detailed yet concise answers – don’t forget to include some examples and accomplishments. Also, try and not memorise – just remember the key points so you can speak about them in the form of a story during the interview. This article Job Interview Questions Database for Job-Seekers is a good resource to start with.

Dress for success

Plan your outfit in advance and make sure it fits the organisation and its culture. Remember that it’s always better to be a little overdressed than under with clothing that is clean and pressed. For more tips on the right attire to wear for an interview take a look at our blog ‘How to dress for an interview’.


Analytical questions

Some interviewers can ask tough questions such as “How many tennis balls can you fit in a school bus”.  Don’t freeze! – These questions are designed to test your analytical skills rather than to look for the exact number.  For example, if you think the answer to the above question is 200,000 explain how you got to that number together with your (approximate) calculations and assumptions.

End of interview questions

At the end of an interview, it will be your turn to ask a few questions. This is the perfect opportunity for you to kill two birds with one stone – ask a genuine question that says something new about you. For example: “I am fairly good at spoken Arabic – will this role provide opportunities to put this into use?”


Thank you note

Send a polite thank you note within 24 hours of the interview. It not only shows your gratitude but can open the door for further conversation.

Feel free to contact us on at any time if you are uncertain about any aspect of an interview. The Women@Work team would be more than happy to provide you with the best professional advice to help you nail the job.