Omaira Farooq Al Olama, Alf Administration | Be Your Own Boss

As our first mum and entrepreneur in our #BeYourOwnBoss series, Omaira Farooq Al Olama, Managing Director for ALF administration. She is sharing her inspirations and challenges setting up her own business with the Mums@Work community. She’ll provide insights into the challenges and successes of creating your own flexible world (through being your own boss)

About me and my business

My name is Omaira Farooq Al Olama, 36 years old, managing director for ALF administration, a company that specializes in training and developing UAE nationals in order to allow them to work better in the work force and add value to companies that have hired them

My inspiration setting up my own business

I used to watch my nationals get bored of being trained by some amazing trainers and I asked them why, it was only when they told me that there was no connection to the trainers that I understood the conflict they had. So I created a company that would be of the nationals and by the nationals and for the development of nationals.

My typical day

On days that I’m working, or speaking at seminars, I leave the house around 630am and don’t get home till around 3pm, where I then spend time with the kids and dogs and husband in that order. On days that I’m off I go to the gym or physique 57 and go do normal mom things like pickups and parent coffee mornings

My greatest challenge setting up and running my business

Getting large corporations to see the value in what I do. In the beginning they would be like well why can’t these nationals just be happy to have a job, or that they are working. I explained to them UAE culture and that is adding value and feeling that they are contributing and this only happens when the company is aligned with our core company values

My top 3 tips for budding entrepreneurs

Be honest, consistent and take ownership.