Are you hiring the right employees?

Is your business having a high staff turnover? Before looking into hiring staff, it is crucial to understand the existing teething problems. First and foremost, businesses must take one step back and understand why existing staff are leaving.  Staff retention is just as important as hiring employees. Once this has been identified, then you can seek ways to keep your staff on board, instead of going out again to find new employees from scratch. We ask the question, are you hiring the right employees?

What qualities do you need when hiring new staff for your organisation?

Instead of hiring and firing, as most companies, unfortunately, do these days, it is typically easy to hire, and harder to fire.  Life happens, they may end up walking away.

First thing’s first – you need to have a recruitment strategy that starts with a clearly defined job role. If you know what you are expecting from your employees, then you will definitely hire the right staff. But if you just hire on an ad hoc basis and are ‘seeing how things will go’, then that will be a disaster for you and your employees.

What is a good employee?

Well, we can perhaps define a bad one. An employee with a bad attitude can simply ruin the entire culture of an organization and simply ruin the company morale. If your employee starts bringing in politics, entertains gossip regularly, and is being egoistic, then there should be no room for that.

A good manager leads to a good employee also. So, for example, pushing your employees to go the extra mile, to work harder than everyone else, will offer your company better chances of group success. By communicating these things clearly with your employees, by making them feel valuable and important, by setting the expectations right from the start, you will get amazing productivity and company success.

How do you find the right employee?

Another aspect that needs to be considered with finding the right employee, is to understand where to advertise for the job role, so for example, if you are looking for a part-timer, there are specific portals dedicated for it, and if you are looking to recruit a male, Arabic speaking professional, then the advertising channel will also have to be carefully thought through.

In my experience of interviewing staff, with the help of HR Departments, you have to keep your standards high, screen and hire the most qualified candidates for each position.  During the interview, we need to ensure that the best person coming in feels and knows that every person they work with, are the best setting a standard of excellence for your company.

Some interesting pointers are listed here to help business owners with selecting the right employees:

  1. LOVE is very important! You will need to get someone whose heart can connect to the company’s vision – and as a result, you will notice that your employees will gain good work ethics. The reason? It all comes out of love and passion.
  2. TRUST and loyalty is another quality that you need to look for when hiring the right employee. Of course, hiring new talent takes time, and as a boss, you need to set the expectations right from the start, hold them accountable and then let them lead the way. If you give trust, you will see amazing results!
  3. SPEED is another important quality in employees; do you want a fast worker, who is efficient at the same time? You can find these qualities in employees – especially for startups, who have tighter deadlines.
  4. People Committed to PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT; do you think you can get on with this employee? Are they striving to get better? You don’t have to be best friends, but you do need to like them. Make sure you hire people you like to work with. Fitting into your company culture is also essential.  If you are going to ‘hire in a hurry’, this will only backfire against you in the long term. The recruitment process does take time, otherwise, we will be relying on luck. Your interviewing process needs to be rigorous, and so does your screening. This will really save a lot of costs and wasted energy for your business.

If you find someone with these qualities, they love their work, they are trusting, then that is a long term investment for your company. It is, of course, hard to know all these qualities from the first interview stage – but it is the responsibilities of employers to use the probationary period wisely, to screen them properly and get proper references, to discover these qualities and set the expectations from day one.

Companies don’t succeed, people do.

Learning how to hire people is an area that many managers have little training in, with the outcome being hiring the wrong people who are challenging to manage and struggle to perform.


The article was written by Maha Ahmad, Content Developer & Marketing Consultant.

Graduate with M.A. in Marketing and a Diploma in Digital Marketing from the UK, Maha has 15 years’ experience in content development, branding, event management and communications in Dubai and the UK. Projects cover the 360 mixes of marketing channels with a focus on helping entrepreneurs and start-ups in their journey to grow successfully, by identifying the right steps to get leads, planning, and guiding them through the choice of the right marcom channels.

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