Gudrun Wurm, Little Butterfly London | Be Your Own Boss

Gurdrun Wurm is a mum and an entrepreneur where her passion for taking care of her children helped her get inspired for her business, Little Butterfly London, she talks to us about her work, her challenges and her advise for other mums!

Let’s meet Gurdrun Wurm

I grew up in a family of hoteliers in Austria and had the opportunity to live in quite a few countries. My first experience abroad was at the age of 17 when I did a summer internship in California, later I worked in Switzerland, New Zealand then France and eventually I moved to London in 2007.

A few years later, immersed in the British culture and after the birth of my son Lucas, I was inspired to create the first British luxury and organic-certified baby skincare brand, as having traveled the world, I was unable to find a range, which ticked all my boxes. I was looking for an organic luxury range, which would be absolutely safe and gentle, yet highly effective to care for even newborn and highly sensitive, irritation-prone skin, made of generous formulas using very precious ingredients.

My inspiration for setting up my business

Born into a family of entrepreneurs it was clear for me that one day I would also do my ‘own thing’. Personally I do not believe in limits and love the idea of opening new doors and seeing where that leads. I think one can achieve whatever one sets their mind to, which for me translates into running my own business, where only my own mind would be the limit.

The actual business idea of creating Britain’s first luxury organic-certified baby skincare range came with the birth of my own son Lucas.  Having always been passionate about luxury skincare and a healthy lifestyle, I was surprised that the only products I could find on the market were either chemical or even if they were natural. I really was surprised that there wasn’t a luxury and truly high-quality range for babies and determined to create it. I felt that surely I couldn’t be the only one who wanted only the best for my baby, whilst also enjoying how the products looked in the nursery or on the bathroom shelf. I didn’t believe there should be a compromise and that a baby range could have it all.

My greatest challenge

Where do I start? The first two years were the hardest as I didn’t have a conventional beauty, retail or sales background. What I did understand however was luxury and cosmetics from a consumer point of view i.e. what I would personally want for myself and my baby, which gave me that fresh eye for innovation.

Developing the range till the launch was a lot of fun and exciting, but once the brand was launched having no former knowledge in the cosmetics industry made my progress a lot slower, often taking the wrong direction and making mistakes. There were days which were extremely tough, but luckily there were also sufficient good things happening that made me continue the journey, which overall has been immensely gratifying despite all the challenges.

Starting and running a business is never easy, frankly said it’s tough, but one becomes more experienced, more knowledgeable and more resilient over time.  The same problems become smaller over time and one becomes stronger in handling bigger ones. It is all about hanging in there and not giving up. One good piece of advice I had received from a mentoring friend was that when I had a truly bad day to simply switch off, go for a run or a dinner with friends and break the negative cycle.

Another thing that was really very helpful was to run myself an Epsom salt bath in the evening, which really helped to de-stress. Different things work for different people, but it is important to find tools that help one to navigate through those challenging periods.

About my products and what makes them different

My vision for Little Butterfly London came from my passion and a 100% consumer perspective with maximum integrity of what luxury should stand for. I traveled a lot when my son was little and after extensive strenuous research I realized how simple all baby cosmetics were.

No range truly stood out for it’s ingredients, it’s outstanding formulations or particularly beautiful packaging. There was always something missing for me, either the products were chemical and mass-market, or when they were actually natural, very few were in fact organic and certified.

I created a range that is also a true pleasure to use and to look at. Textures, scents, the packaging, all those factors were important just like it would have been for me when choosing my own skincare. Having a baby is a precious period in women’s lives and such moments deserve products that enhance the magic to make them even more beautiful.

Feedback for mums in MiddleEast

We are very new to the market, however the response we have had so far has been positive given women in the Middle East not only want the best for their babies, but also appreciate luxury products and especially cosmetics, so it is a naturally good fit for this audience.

Given the mother & baby skincare category is traditionally one with more low-to mass-market brands, we will have to communicate a lot more to ensure mums are aware that they now have better choices and luxury and organic alternatives available for them and their babies.

Top 3 tips for budding entrepreneurs

  1. Make sure that what you do is what you are truly passionate about.
  2. Think big, believe in your vision, persist and don’t listen to the skeptics.
  3. Surround yourself with positive inspiring people and never give up. There are endless opportunities out there so take the ones that feel right for you and you will live a life of no regrets 🙂