How to go freelance in the UAE

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of taking the initiative of going out on your own with no more saluting the boss or supervisor.  You want to go freelance in the UAE, it sounds great but not quite sure or confident on how to do that?  Wendy Best, Company Formation Specialist with Virtuzone spoke with our ladies at the Impact Hub and shared her knowledge of the policies, procedures and practices relevant to going freelance in the UAE.

What is freelancing?  Freelancing simply means that you are working for yourself, but you will need to set up what is essentially a company made up of one person, which is perfectly legal as long as you are licensed to do so.

Let’s look at some of the Top Tips for relevant information for freelancers in the UAE:?

  1. Freelancing is a preferred option in this country and it can be much more lucrative and flexible than working as an employee.
  2. You DO need a Trade Licence or Freelance permit pertaining to your business activity from your selected Licencing Authority and adhere to their stipulations.
  3. There are 3 main ways of setting – up a business in the UAE which Virtuzone can explain in more detail. They include:  Mainland or LLC, Freelance Permit and Free Zone FZ
  4. The main benefit of setting-up through a Free Zone are that companies can remain 100% foreign owned.
  5. Virtuzone offers unbiased advice about all the options available to you and with their strong relationships and processes in place to ensure licences are issued without hassle.

This is some of what our mums had to say,

  1. It was very informative and the atmosphere very interactive
  2. A lot of very useful information.
  3. A-Z about how to set up a freelancing business in the UAE.
  4. Good information about licencing affairs.
  5. The subject was bang on to what a lot of us are looking to do.


If you have any more inquiries, please contact Ola from Virtuzone and she will be able to guide you through the process.

Ola Gramovich | Company Formation Specialist | | +971 52 442 0300