Edelman DABO | Increasing presence of women in senior levels

Edelman DABO is one of the leading agencies in the region delivering flexibility and support for employees to balance work-life in a busy agency environment. Their global GWEN initiative (Global Women’s Executive Network) is a recruiting, collaborating and career planning group for women within Edelman. The objective is increasing the presence of women at the most senior levels of the company – from 35 per cent to 50 per cent of women in leadership within five years.

We spoke to the team at Edelman to find out more about how they support their team.

How does Edelman deliver flexible working in the region?

Flexi working hours are also part of our GWEN initiative to which we extend to working mothers. We also have an internal flex hour policy whereby employees are entitled to come in earlier and leave earlier or start later in the morning and leave a bit later in the evenings.

What value do you see in flexible or part-time working?

The value proposition is to empower employees to be responsible and accountable for their deliverables in a way that they can best manage it.  Most of our part-time employees will still log in from home and work if they are very important deliverable or deadlines to meet. In most occasions part-time hours gives our employees the flexibility to manage their personal life and work life in a more structured way.

What are your opinions on how women manage part-time flexible hours?

Our part-time employees are managing their time extremely well due to a support structure around GWEN.

Do you have any initiatives that support women returning to work after having children?

We have a 7-month maternity policy and then they can make use of flexible hours or reduced hours as per management’s discretion.

Women@Work support task forces such as GWEN within businesses and urge others to follow suit. Thank you for taking part in our ‘Featured Companies’ series.