Coworking spaces are thriving in Dubai

Thinking of coworking in the New Year? We met up with Sophie Powell, Workplace Manager at Nook, who offers us an introduction into what the benefits are and why it’s the hottest thing in 2020!

Hi Sophie, can you tell us a little more about coworking spaces and who would they suit best?

“I think in today’s era, everyone wants (and needs) an element of flexibility in their work, long gone are the days of 9-5pm sitting in one office, the landscape of work is changing and coworking spaces are adapting to this revolution.

Most coworking spaces will offer flexible, affordable plans, from single day passes, to monthly memberships, and will often offer facilities such as meeting rooms and event spaces to help enhance your businesses needs, without the full time cost. There are even coworking spaces dedicated to specific emerging industries, our coworking space nook in JLT is dedicated to sports health and wellness business, with a fully equipped gym and training studio!

A sense of community is very important to a lot of entrepreneurs and freelancers, how does coworking help with this?

Coworking is not just about the sharing of resources and reducing costs, it is about belonging to a community. Like you mentioned,  sometimes being an entrepreneur can be a lonely work lifestyle and often means you’re working by yourself. Coworking is short for collaborative working so being in a coworking space means being surrounded by like-minded people who are in the same situation as you: this generally leads to a collaborative, and often inspiring, environment. Many coworking spaces often offer community activities such as networking events and coffee mornings, so you can get to know your fellow coworkers, share ideas and talk about your experiences. The whole idea of co-working is to bring bright, creative people together and let the ideas collide.

Sustainability is a hot topic for businesses, how does coworking aid this?

Yes, sustainability is something more and more businesses are looking to achieve, and if more people used public transport, there would be less pollution, so why can’t we replicate this with our offices? By working in a coworking space, everything is shared, including reduced waste and as a result, your business’s carbon footprint is decreased! Something here at nook we feel very passionately about!

We know two heads are better than one, do coworking spaces support this?

There are so many opportunities that can be unlocked with coworking such as networking, peer support, mentorship, cost saving, fixed overheads. One of the big benefits of a coworking space is the reduced cost and fixed overheads. In today’s modern age, there can be significant costs with operating your own office, and requires a big investment which just isn’t feasible for a startup or small business. Coworking spaces offer a sustainable work environment, and lets you focus on the important things rather than who needs to order stationary and change the water in the office cooler.

Ready to join a coworking space and get more information? Check out our website or get in touch with nook today at to find out more, and use code WW2020 for your free day pass!