Contemporary female artist turns her passion into a business | Kristel Bechara

Kristel Bechara, an award-winning contemporary artist from Lebanon is best known for her dynamic patterns and expressive colours. Kristel Bechara, As a wife and mother of two, she explores worldwide cities to acquire her inspiration and her latest collections called ‘Celebrating Women’ addresses many female issues such as gender pay gap. Kristel Bechara really has transformed her passion into a successful business.

Kristel’s work adorns walls globally including an original piece at London’s Standard Chartered Bank HQ and limited-editions in luxury furniture stores and fine dining restaurants across the UAE. Her success has been further cemented with great demand from galleries in Tokyo, Milan, Brussels, and France and is regularly purchased by enthusiasts globally.

Let’s meet Kristel Bechara

What made you want to become an artist and how did you start?

I am influenced by my late father, who was a surrealist artist and sculptor. I must have gotten his gift and I have been encouraged to express myself and create art ever since I was a child. My transition from an art hobbyist into a professional artist started about 12 years ago when I moved to Dubai and started experimenting with a new style that combines my fondness of artistic styles into one medium; weaving in my love of fabrics, graphic patterns and painting into a single dynamic and colourful artwork that expresses the Beauty in Diversity of various topics. 

What does your art represent?

She is King - Pay Gap - Kristel BecharaThe woman in general and feminism have been prominent and dear subjects in my paintings. Last year, I worked on the Art Gap initiative to raise awareness about the gender gap inequality in the price of artworks. According to a study, women are paid almost as half less on their artwork versus men (i.e. men are paid 47.6% more for equivalent work).

To address this, I developed 52.4% of a canvas with artwork and sold it at the full price representing the exact gap in prices of artwork sold by men. This painting “She is King” was acquired by Standard Chartered Bank and is now on display at their HQ in London.

Describe your artistic style for someone who is viewing your work for the first time….

I always wanted to have a signature style through which I could express myself. So, the whole idea was to have silhouettes in blacks, whites and greys with colour thrown in.

I endeavour to make my art evoke a sense of joy and intense emotions. My methods involve characteristic stencil-like drawings and sketching combined with modern mixed media lines to form multi layered paintings. My art style is best identified by its dynamic patterns and expressive colours using oil, acrylic and giclée printmaking mediums to depict emotion.

What is your advice for young budding artists?

Believe in yourself, try to develop your own style that you are passionate about and always create to satisfy yourself first. Then work really hard and be relentless – hard work always pays.

What projects are you currently working on? Are you planning any major exhibitions in the Middle East or abroad?

I will be at World Art Dubai 2020 and will showcase a new series I am currently working on for the Beauty in Diversity collection.

I am also working on a solo exhibition in DIFC with a well-known gallery, which is planned to launch later in the year. I will be showing my original acrylic on canvas paintings which I’m very excited about.

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