Comprehensive guide to creating your first LinkedIn video | Think Natalia

Natalia Wiechowski or Think Natalia is a  Public Speaker, Coach and Influencer. She gives talks us through her tips on creating your first Linkedin video.

A few words from Nathalia

I love how my online community always openly shares their biggest personal branding challenges with me on LinkedInInstagram and other social media platforms. A statement that I read quite often over the last weeks was: “I would like to share videos on LinkedIn but I don’t know where to start! Telling me that I should get my LinkedIn video out there is a little bit like asking me to walk on the street naked!

I got. I have been there as well. So today, I will share a 7-step formula with you that will hopefully inspire you to tell your story and experiences via self-made, smart phone filmed (aka “raw”) LinkedIn videos.

The fine print for haters and internet trolls: I am not a professional videographer. I am a keynote speaker, personal branding strategist and content creator who failed herself up to success when it comes to the topic LinkedIn videos.

Needed equipment and tools for your first LinkedIn video:

  • A smart phone
  • A tripod for your mobile or a smartphone hand-held gimbal
  • Earphones (optional)
  • A quiet environment
  • A simple/plain background
  • Good light
  • An app to edit your videos (optional)
  • Courage, patience, self-acceptance (don’t judge yourself)

Step 1: Structure your thoughts 

Think about what you want to say, what your core message is, what kind of examples or social proof you would like to share with your audience. The best thing to do in the beginning is to write down your thoughts.

Your LinkedIn video should have a provocative resp. eye-catching opening, a great body and an engaging end. Further free public speaking hacks can be found on my blog: How to manage your nervousnessHow to eliminate your breathlessnessHow to overcome your fear of public speaking.

Don’t forget to pencil the video production day into your calendar. Set aside two hours and a clear intention like: “I will create three videos on that day.” (BTW, a good length for your first videos is 1 – 2:30 minutes). If you do not plan your content creation, it will not happen.

Step 2: Choose a great recording place

Only record your LinkedIn video in a quiet place. That could be at work when your colleagues are not in the office yet/anymore, when your kids/spouse are not at home or on your fave park bench when the majority of people are still sleeping.

Also choose a nice and simple background that does not distract your listeners from what you are going to share with them. It could be you sitting on your couch, at your (home) office desk or in a lovely small café.

Last thing to keep in mind: Make sure there is enough light. Natural (sun) light is more than enough. I always position myself in a way that the light shines on my face.

Step 3: Dress appropriately

Make sure that you wear attire that is in line with your personal brand. I have seen some people recording videos wearing their caps, their washed out sweaters from the 1980s, shirts, which reveal a lot of cleavage and individuals with uncombed hair.

Yes, I am a big fan of authenticity. But I have also studied human societies for over 13 years. My conclusion: Some people might think you are unprofessional, simple minded or even disrespectful when you show up “too authentic” or “too natural.” As always: Test it and see what works for you.

Step 4: Set up your equipment

Before you start, assure that your smartphone is charged. Set up the tripod for your mobile in the place you want to film from. Mount your smart phone to the tripod (switch to airplane mode, so that no notifications, messages and phone calls will disturb you when you record your videos) and place this installation in front of you. I, personally, prefer horizontally filmed videos.

Also experiment with the right frame for you. I prefer a frame or cut approx. five centimeters above my head. The below edge ends on the top of my chest where a tank top would start.

PS: If your surrounding area is too loud, use your smartphone’s earphones (they usually have a good microphone). If you prefer to be walking when speaking, use a smartphone hand-held gimbal instead of a tripod.

Step 5: Record your LinkedIn video(s)

You are prepared, so relax. Take a few big breaths and turn the camera lens into your BFF. Imagine you will be talking to your bestie.

Sit or stand straight. Use the remote control to start your video. Count until three in your head. Smile and off you go. When you have finished your video count until three again before you stop the video. This will make the postproduction process easier.

If you do not have a remote control, simple press the recording button to start and stop recording your video in your Camera app on your smart phone.

Step 6: Postproduction

As an iphone user, you can edit the beginning and end of the video in the Photos app. I figured out that working with an app called VideoShow Pro makes the whole process easier though and it allows you to add cute stickers, filters and music.

Subtitles are another aspect you might want to add to your video. You can either do that by outsourcing this task to a freelancer, using a platform like fiverr or record the whole video with an app called Clipomatic, which automatically adds captions when you speak. You can correct them later on.

Step 7: Publish your LinkedIn video

Craft a nice short caption and publish your video on LinkedIn. As in the video itself, do not forget to add a call to action (CTA) in the end that will encourage people to engage with your content.

Tag relevant (not the whole world) people and use hashtags in your first comment.


As mentioned above, it will take some time until you will feel self-confident and “at home” in front of the camera. It is a journey. And yes, the first videos might require up to 30 takes or more. That is the most normal thing on this planet.

Push through these hurdles, do not judge yourself and have a look at my first videos if you are looking for something that will boost your self-confidence and make you laugh. Believe me, I totally screwed it up hundreds of times before my LinkedIn videos looked like they look today.