Choosing the Best University for Your Graduate Studies – The Zayed University Difference

Choosing the best university for your graduate studies will give you the competitive advantage you need in today’s dynamic global environment. From its beginning more than twenty years ago, Zayed University has rapidly developed into one of the leading institutions for master’s education for managers in the Middle East. Moreover, Zayed University has a history of commitment to educate and prepare women for advancement and professional success in a broad spectrum of public organisations and private companies.

Select your master’s degree program

Choosing to study for your master’s degree is a major commitment and a potentially life changing decision. Although Zayed University has increased the diversity of its graduate degree offering to serve national needs, it is committed to its roots as a highly focused public university. The mission is to provide students with advanced management tools and expanded discipline specific knowledge that complements students’ experiences and prepares them for a wealth of accomplishments throughout their careers. The internationally accredited graduate degree programs in business, finance, communication, diplomacy and international affairs, education, information technology and cyber security, judicial studies and jurisprudence of reality are offered on the Abu Dhabi and Dubai campus. All programs are tailored to the needs of professionals wishing to complete a top-quality academic program without interrupting their personal and professional lives – weekend classes or modular weeks of study are therefore the norm and allow students to finish their degrees as soon as possible.

Select a reputable university

Zayed University’s reputation is reflected through its academic excellence, research undertaken by international faculty and international rankings. Many Zayed University graduates have either used their degree as a stepping stone in their career paths, or as a chance to enhance their skills in their current positions, many of whom hold a wide range of senior leadership positions in a broad spectrum of public and private sectors in the Gulf Arab States.

Scholarships at Zayed University

Applicants of all nationalities to Zayed University’s graduate programs are considered for financial aid in the form of merit and alumni scholarships. Students who wish to pursue their graduate studies on full-time basis and work on campus as Teaching, Research or Administrative Assistants can do so and earn a healthy stipend to help defray the cost of their education.

If your aim is to develop as a professional executive fully competent in the global marketplace, then we strongly recommend that you study at Zayed University.

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Women@Work Coach -
01 Mar 2020