4 ways to boost your employability

School – career – retirement.

That’s the sequence we’re all used to. Most of us imagine life after graduation to be a montage of getting your first job, quickly dashing up the ladder to CEO, and kicking back with a fat retirement fund on a remote tropical island.

But things are changing.

Things are getting more competitive.

Things are getting automated, and you need to keep up.

It’s survival of the most employable, and this article has got your back.

Show them you’re made of steel

Employers love a can-do attitude. Showing people what you’re capable of flaunts your attitude towards new challenges, it doesn’t necessarily mean your desk is an open invitation for more tasks than you can handle. When I was a PR intern, I was always happy to bend over backwards for my company, because I wanted to strut my capacity and commitment. Tackling challenges head on, with a smile on your face and a courageous approach, is a ticket into an employer’s good books.

When it comes to learning, put a ring on it

There are people, quite often from a much older generation, that thought they’d never have to pick up another book after their degree arrived in the post. Lifelong learning is increasingly becoming a feature employers seek in their candidates. As various industries quickly evolve, you’ll catch your role shape-shifting over the years. Brace yourself by staying flexible and clued up with regular courses. You can sign up to countless courses for free, if you don’t have the budget for paid ones yet.

Your network is your net worth

It’s not always just about what you know, it’s who you know. Expanding your network, especially in a bite-sized city like Dubai, is easy. Dubai has a range of well-established mixers and networking events to choose from. You never know where small talk about the weather could lead. Winning a stranger’s interest at a networking event could result in getting you referred to an exciting opportunity in the future. Put on best shoes, take your can-do attitude, and do your rounds.

Get excited about your company’s #SandwichSunday

Embrace your company’s quirks, immerse yourself in its unique culture, and throw yourself into everything it does to keep itself unique. Companies are professional communities, and need everyone to engage in its culture to keep the momentum going. That means being enthusiastic about its internal activities, living and breathing its ethos when you’re at the office, and being its #1 cheerleader!

Want to put these tips to the test?

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Article by Rosa Bullock, Founder & PR Guru, SOCIATE