14 day Fear Detox action plan | Anna Roberts

Feeling focused on your business. Having the tools to get out of your comfort zone. And the most confident — and successful — the year of your life to start a fear detox action plan.

Grab a copy of Anna Roberts Fear Detox: Your 14 Day Action Plan To Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Speaking Like A Boss – it’s a must-read!

14 day Fear Detox action plan book cover by Anna RobertsSo what is a Fear Detox? It’s a new way to look at gaining the self-confidence you’ve always wanted but never had the chance to get. I coach amazing clients from all over the world how to communicate better with other people, and gaining self-confidence is focusing on how you communicate with yourself. Doesn’t it sound so easy when you think about it like that? We look at ways to identify negative self-talk and how to change your thought patterns, so fear doesn’t have any space to creep in. That then influences the language you use, the actions you take and ultimately how you achieve your goals in business and life. Everything that you say starts in your mind. You need to think first about what you want to say, and then actually speak it. Being conscious of your tongue will teach you how to control your thoughts.

Anna doesn’t do fluffy, abstract concepts very well, so she made this action plan simple, effective and easy to follow in your busy life. Over 14 days you’ll only need to dedicate 20 minutes a day to reading and journalling in a specially designed action plan that will keep you accountable, make a drastic change and have you on your way to being the boss of your business and life. Journalling means you can take the internal battle that has you helpless and transform it into a powerful positive action plan. You may be creating illusions about a situation, conjuring up half-lies or simple incentives that might be causing you to react precisely to the path your subconscious wants to take. But if you move this battle on paper, the emotional arguments of your inner mind sound really stupid most of the time.

Click on her website to see some samples of the daily planner and remember, sometimes all you need is a little Nudge in the right direction to give your ideas a voice. Aim for consistent progress, not perfection. I’m with you every step of the way and can’t wait to see you succeed!