woo-hoo! the exciting children’s museum!

woo-hoo! is a unique children’s museum that offers an exciting balance of learning and play. All galleries are designed specifically for children to explore their innate curiosities and interests in a non-judgmental environment. Offerings in each facility are carefully designed to support several different curricula, making woo-hoo! the ideal destination for your little one.


Children are curious learners who are eager to explore the world around them and discover how everything works. At woo-hoo!, we fuel this enthusiasm by providing them with an engaging space that enables them to acquire new knowledge while having loads of fun.


woo-hoo! delivers a full range of exciting programs to ensure all visitors find something meaningful and enjoyable in their experience. Based on the studies of leading international development specialists, woo-hoo!’s exhibits have been carefully designed to support the growth of key skills like: critical thinking, problem solving, gross motor development, social collaboration and executive function.


With 10 different galleries filled with over 50 interactive exhibits, a child focused team, a full service cafe and exciting programs every week – woo-hoo! has something to excite every member of the family. Every experience is designed based on cutting edge research of childhood development to provide open-ended play with the utmost safety and independence for the kids. Going beyond traditional education, woo-hoo! gives children the opportunity to sharpen numerous fundamental skills – including critical thinking, problem solving, gross motor development, social collaboration and executive functions – while incorporating science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). The best part? It’s all done through hands-on play, with non-stop fun!


Apart from the various galleries, woo-hoo! also conducts workshops. The programs are designed in a way where children learn while having fun. These activities support woo-hoo!’s learning objectives by providing opportunities for children to explore through hands-on experiences packed with art, science, and engineering. All woo-hoo! programs and events are designed to engage guests on a wide variety of topics to support important aspects of family and community.


Woo-hoo! is designed to further the growth in 5 crucial aspects of every child’s body and mind. The 5 learning objectives are – move, connect, explore, examine, and imagine. In the month of February, the programs at woo-hoo! will be focused on one of our learning objectives – connect. All the workshops have been designed around the importance of building strong bonds between families, friends, and the community. Find out more and book