Why Sochi is the perfect family getaway from Dubai

Sochi, the beautiful coastal city and jewel of the Black Sea, has now become a vacation destination that caters to every member of the family and it is a perfect family getaway destination from Dubai all year round.

The presence of numerous attractions such as the Sochi Park, Sochi Auto Sport Museum, and the Tea Plantations means that there is an activity for everyone to enjoy. Not to forget the breathtaking mountains, filled with high-flying activities that will surely get your blood pumping.

7 Reasons why Sochi is the perfect family destination

1- Go Ziplining in SkyPark

Get involved in the fast, adrenaline-crunching zip-lining at Sochi SkyPark, an adventure park at altitude. Take your pick from numerous activities at Skypark where you can enjoy a walk at a height of more than 200 meters or, if you dare, take the plunge from a height of 207 meters into the gorge with one of the highest bungee jumps in the world. Marvel at the panoramic views of the Caucasus Mountains as you wander across the longest suspended pedestrian bridge in the world.

2- Play with huskies in Gorky Gorod

Everyone loves to interact with animals! Head to the Husky Center where the kids (and parents) can play with the adorable Siberian Huskies, learn about their history and, in winter, you can try out the dog sledding… believe me, this is loads of fun!

3- Horseriding at Ekzrakho Eco Farm

Kids can be close to the farm animals, feeding the baby goats by the bottle and learn more about fresh, organic, healthy food. Another exciting activity is meeting, feeding and riding the various breeds of horses at the stables.

4- Relax at Dagomys Tea Plantation

After a day of laughs, adrenaline, and history, it would only make sense to take some time to unwind and enjoy amazing beverages at the Dagomys Tea Plantation. Perched 300 meters above sea level, this gorgeous teahouse takes guests through Russian tradition when it comes to tea parties. The intimate tour paints a timeline of the history of tea cultivation in Sochi, and where better to do that than the northernmost tea plantations in the world.

5- Ski down the slopes of Sochi

Home to the 2014 winter Olympics, the four resorts surrounding the town of Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi offer some of the best slopes in Eastern Europe for beginners and freestylers. Did I mention the resorts have skating and spas too if skiing isn’t your bag?

6- The sun always shines in Sochi

Sochi belongs to that tiny part of Russia that enjoys the subtropical climatic zone so you can expect 300 sunny days annually! The weather and majestic greenery are always a breath of fresh air when compared to Dubai’s hot summer making this a dream destination to enjoy numerous outdoor activities that will have the entire family smiling all day. This is further made better by the very comfortable summer weather, making Sochi is a very attractive vacation destination to many families around the GCC.

7- Sochi is super safe

Living in the UAE, we can get complacent when we travel so it’s settling to know Sochi is very safe and has a low crime rate which is an important factor when travelling with the family. Always good to be on your guard when travelling to any destination but Sochi is a safe bet!

Travelling to Sochi from Dubai – what you need to know!

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