Santa Fe’s Pros and Cons of shipping with a shared container

Thinking about your next move, yet want to keep costs as low as possible during these uncertain times? Our partners, Santa Fe, have put together a list of Pros and Cons of shipping with a shared container. If perhaps you are only considering shipping part of a shipment that will not be enough to fill an entire container, sending them via a shared container could be a good option to explore. This would involve grouping your goods with others, who are shipping to the same destination (and will therefore make up a full container.) This method of shipping has various advantages and disadvantages which Santa Fe have listed below to help you decide.



The first major advantage is the price, a shared container means you pay far less than you would normally, if sending the goods via a LCL (less than container load).  The main reason being the shared freight charges, you would only be paying for the exact volume rather than LCL.


For a shared container, the relocation company will store your items free of charge. So, if you are not in a rush for the items and are looking to save some money on storage charges, then a shared container will perhaps be the best option for you. Please do note that this isn’t a solution for long term storage as the moving company will have the right to dispatch this, on the first available shipment.



As you will be sharing the container, you will have to wait until the container is full before its dispatched. So you may want. further clarity on when this will be delivered, which may not be guaranteed within your timelines.  So, if you are in a rush for your items or you need the items available at a certain timeframe this may not be the option for you.

Customs issues

In some countries, a shared container can cause issues at customs and this may lead to further inspections or delays in comparison to having your own container.

Possible chance of a mix up

There is a slight risk that your shipment may get mixed up with other shipments in the container. Depending on the moving company and size of the shipment, your items and their items would be together free in the container without any partition.

Might not save money depending on the location

Depending on the different locations, you may not actually be saving that much, aa there are some charges related to consolidation which may occur. Always check this out with the company before signing, the freight charges which you would be sharing with others may not be the highest charge.


If you’re considering a move via a shared container or your own container, why not get in touch with our international relocation experts who have our over 120 years’ experience and find out how we can help with your move?

Authored by Gemma Barakat
Team Lead – Consumer Sales
Santa Fe Relocation