Online, International Preschool for 2-6yr olds. Everywhere. And Anywhere!

Kido Education is extremely excited to announce the launch of Kido Home, a one of a kind, customized preschool, and world-class international education for everyone anywhere in the world.

Being founded and managed by parents from across the world, Kïdo Education recognized the issues parents and children face in these and all times, and have tried to deliver on parent requirements and expectations to enable you to carry out your work from home or any activities while your children are engaged and learning.

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  • Fees are only AED / SAR 1,500 per month, payable monthly. No commitments, cancel anytime!
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  • In addition all new enrollees get 2 weeks of Kido Home Absolutely Free at the start.
  • Hence you could be paying as little as AED / SAR 500 for the first month with this amazing offer.

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How it works

In  Kïdo Home, you and your child will embark on an educational and developmental journey like no other, within the comfort of your home.

Kïdo Home, will have Teacher led activities and lesson plans delivered via live video sessions in small groups, which will also be complemented by touch screen interactive modules and home activities.

With minimum parental support, the children will become independent very quickly and soon are able to manage their online sessions entirely on their own.

Hear what Ms Tiffany has to say about this.

There is a settling in period when children quickly get used to the routine and the platform. The content is designed to be engaging, so children are interested all the time.

We are sure you have multiple questions about how Kïdo Home will benefit your child and how this new mode of education will be able to deliver what you are looking at for your child. Please go through our FAQ section and videos at your convenience.

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You don’t need a premier international preschool close to your home anymore, we’re available wherever you are!