Kido Home – Online Preschool Education

Are you looking for a solid school curriculum that doesn’t break the bank?  Well, look no further.. Women@Work are delighted to introduce to you the launch of Kido Home, from our partners KidoEducation. A high-quality alternative to a traditional preschool, at a much lower cost.

Can you tell our community more about Kido Home?

Driven to action by the challenges of finding a quality preschool for their children, the KïdoEducation team came together six years ago to deliver the best possible early childhood education system. Since then, under two brands – Kïdo and Safari Kid International, the group has served more than 15,000 families in their nurseries and preschools across Hong Kong, USA, UAE, UK and India.

KïdoEducation is now pleased to announce the global launch of Kïdo Home, a complete online preschool offering for 2-6 yearolds. For only a fraction of the costs of international preschool, little ones can now have a year round high-caliber preschool experience for 2 hours a day for only AED 1500 – per month.


Avail the following by registering now:

  • Fees are only AED / SAR 1,500 per month, payable monthly. No commitments, cancel anytime!
  • Become a Founder Member and as a Women@Work Subscriber get special discounts for signing up by September of AED / SAR 500 for the months of September and October!
  • Please use the code UAEWOME100
  • In addition all new enrollees get 2 weeks of Kido Home Absolutely Free at the start.
  • Hence you could be paying as little as AED / SAR 500 for the first month with this amazing offer.

Spaces are limited due to high international demand hence Hurry up and Register Now.


How does it work?

The Kïdo Home curriculum is based on their proprietary Kïdo Early Years Program, and specially modified by a panel of international experts for effective online delivery in line with the best research guidelines in the field. As part of the programme, kids receive seven home activities per week covering important education areas including literacy, art, STEM and physical development, along with online videos and monthly engagement kits to work on at home. The programme also includes an Arabic class with English used for support.

Will each child get the same individual support?

The programme is customised to every child and then delivered to them through interactive sessions. Teachers, trained by Kïdo’s global trainers, lead these classes in small groups of no more than 8 to give personalised attention to each child’s movements and learning progress. The global chain of pre-schools also facilitates weekly one on one sessions with each child for focused attention and customisation to the abilities of each child.

How is a high-quality alternative to a traditional preschool?

 The future belongs to children who are creative, adaptive, curious and have an ongoing habit of learning. The Kïdo Early Years Program was created with the objective of nurturing and enhancing these innate abilities in children. Drawn from years of research, and supported by internationally renowned experts, Kïdo created a structured play-based program that enables children to exceed standards of any school system in the world by the time they enter primary school.

Speaking about the launch of Kïdo Home from London, Aniruddh Gupta, Founder and CEO of Kïdo Education said, “We had been talking about an online style of teaching since before the COVID-induced lockdown so that parents from different corners of the world could use our internationally acclaimed curriculum, and access our international network of high quality teachers. But with physical distancing a norm now, Kïdo Home can now provide education to children even when preschools are closed.”

Kido’s Regional CEO, Umair Tariq, highlighted, “A lot of schools and nurseries within the region switched to some element of online learning and support during the pandemic. Kido Home was however always designed as an affordable and highly accessible Global Programme and an alternative to a Nursery, not just a backup, available from Ras-Al-Khaimah to Jeddah. Utilizing our interactive technology, we will have international teachers from London and language teachers delivering a high quality online preschool education to children at a very affordable price point in the region as well. We are launching Kido Home with special discounts for our founder parents in the UAE and Saudi.”

How do we book our first trial?

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