Kido Home Learner Program

You asked we listened!!

 We are most excited to announce the launch of  Kido Home Learner program in the Middle East. This program includes shorter morning and afternoon sessions to cater to the ever increasing demand from all our families.


The launch of Kido Home Learner, is in response to your overwhelming demand and the amazing feedback we have received since the launch of Kido Home! Our highly acclaimed curriculum and international teachers have made our online programs the buzz word across the globe!

Our two specialized online programs (Kido Home Program and Kido Home Learner Program) cater to your children’s abilities and developmental needs. The Kïdo Early Years Programs are created with the objective of nurturing and enhancing these innate abilities in children. Drawn from years of research, and supported by internationally renowned experts, we have created a play based program that enables children to exceed standards of any school system by the time they enter primary school.


Kido Home Learner Program: Our Learner program is designed to impart the best of our Kido Early Years Program across Literacy, Math and STEM with 1 hour sessions over 4 days a week. Kido Home Learner will include the first Engagement Kit with further available on a subscription basis.


Kïdo Home Program: is a complete preschool program, based on the Kïdo Early Years Program and delivered online by our highly qualified international teachers for 2 hours over 5 days a week. Our most popular engagement kits will be mailed to you packed with fun resources and step by step instructions for activities at home.

Every week, we have customised one-on-one sessions, which cater to the individual needs of the children. Our experienced teachers will be able to teach your children English AND there is a specialist teacher to teach a second language too!


For both our programs, our online sessions are carried out in small groups of 6-8 children to ensure strong focus on each child. Our Virtual Preschool is designed to require minimal support from Parents!


We have rich interactive lessons for experienced based STEM and Mindfulness sessions. Not only will Circle time, literacy and math modules be taught via live interaction, with a teacher present at all times, but specialists will teach your child about yoga, music and much more! At the end of it all your child will receive a Certificate of attendance and completion that you can use for school admissions.


The complete international preschool experience is now at your home, at a fraction of the price of a comparable preschool!


If you would like to sign up for our Kido Home virtual learning paid classes please click on the below:

If you would like to sign up for our Kido Home Learner virtual learning paid classes please click on the below:


Or book one of our free single trial classes now to get a small experience of our program at your convenience.

If there is anything else you would like to know, I would be happy to provide you further details. Subscribe to one of our programs (Kido Home Program / Kido Home Learner Program) and let your child experience our unique and highly acclaimed program.


WOMEN@WORK Subscribers will receive a special discount for signing up by March

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