How mums can manage time efficiently with their work

Are you a working mum?  Do you have a child at home and duties at the workplace? Is it challenging for you to cope with never-ending office tasks, and responsibilities to fulfill at home altogether?  Many people think of time management as a ‘working thing’ or a term only used by executives— but that’s not true at all! Time management is an incredibility useful skill for super busy mums.  When we apply time management tips to our busy lives, we can unleash more free time.  So, here are some effective time management tips that mum can apply to manage time efficiently with their work.

Design a plan

Not all jobs come with a flexible working schedule. If you want to get a flexible working schedule, you may have to present a plan to your boss outlining how you’ll execute a flexible schedule. You need to update your manager on how you’ll continue to fulfill your responsibilities, how you’ll report in, etc. Always ready to negotiate your vision based on the feedback you’re your employer.

Use the time for household activities

Being a working mom, cleaning will definitely not on your list of things you wish to do with limited time. But it’s one of those tasks that you want to get done on time. Doing cleaning with two toddlers could be tiring, especially if you have only weekend off to get rest. You really won’t have time for dusting and toilet scrubbing. According to  one of the leading cleaning services provider in Dubai, hiring professional home cleaning services can take the burden off your shoulders by offering unparalleled domestic cleaning expertise and reliability, for your peace of mind.

Split Work Week Between Home & Office

You need to split work week between home and office. Working three days in the office and two days at your home or working in a flexible work space can help you create an environment that will better meet the needs of both working mothers and businesses.

 Double Up

Women are natural super multi-taskers, but many times when it comes to simple jobs, they forget about doubling up. You need to cook once, eat twice; you need to do two chores at once. For instance, throw in a load of laundry while cooking dinner. So, think of doubling up in this way, it’ll help you a lot saving extra time to spend with your family and perform efficiently at work.

Do Worst Things First

When it comes to time management, we usually start working by organizing everything. We check our emails, look over our lists, or maybe hold a drawer to start looking for a recipe. Also, you can checkout quick time management tips available for working mothers and try to implement the possible ones with you. Working mothers focus on building a perfect house cleaning list rather than focusing on the actual cleaning. If you want to be productive, then tackle the hard task first. You need to pick the task you dread the most. Just set the time and tackle it.

Doing so can save you a lot of time, and once a particular task gets done, you won’t believe you believe that you waste so much time avoiding it. It gives you peace of mind.


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