Do’s and don’ts to follow after a salon appointment

All of us have been to salons or booked an at-home salon service umpteen times, and yet we are unaware of what to do and not do after a salon appointment. So, here’s to clearing the air.

What to avoid after a waxing session

Stepping out into the sun is a no-no

You would have noticed that soon after a beautician completes waxing, she also applies a cooling gel or lotion to the particular area. The reason is to soothe the skin as waxing can often be hard and cause irritation. So, it’s best to avoid sunlight which can aggravate redness and bumps. It will also do well to avoid saunas, hot water baths and tanning treatments at this point. The best way to avoid stepping out is to book an at-home salon service from UrbanClap, where the beautician will come to your home at the time convenient for you.

Skip swimming

Swimming pools contain chlorinated water which can irritate your skin. In fact, skincare experts recommend avoiding swimming for 24 hours after a waxing session.

Give scrubbing a miss

Whether you use a mild scrub or a harsh one, it’s best not to apply any face or body scrub for a couple of days. Avoid using a loofah or any other coarse object. That said, do scrub yourself after two days to prevent ingrown hair from developing.

Avoid synthetic and tight-fitting clothes

This holds true especially if you got bikini waxing done. Opt for loose and relaxed clothing that will let your skin breathe. And, go for natural fabrics, such as cotton.

How to make your facial glow last longer

Skip Makeup

While facials nurture your skin, they also open up the pores. Which is why, best to avoid makeup as the products can clog your pores, leading acne and pimples. Stay makeup-free the day you get your facial done.

Skip the Gym

Hitting the gym and exercising means sweating it out. And like makeup, sweat too can clog your pores, leading to acne. So, best to skip going to the gym that day. In fact, make it a cheat day by giving your skin and body some much-needed rest.

Skip the Outdoors

Cancel your brunch and dinner plans for the day! Why? Being out in the open will attract dust and dirt, leading to a complete waste of your facial. Here’s a pro tip, schedule your salon appointments for the evening, and hit the bed soon after.

Skip Your Skincare Routine, soaps and scrubs too

A facial involves immersing your face in a range of scrubs, creams and masks. You don’t need to apply more products on your face after that. Skip your daily routine of rose water, cleansing milk, face scrubs, masks and creams. Also, avoid soaps and face washes. Keep that face scrub also at bay for a good one week.


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