Do your children fear the dentist, learn top tips from True Smile and keep your children’s teeth healthy

As parents, we worry about our children’s teeth and how to get them to the dentist without the drama! The team over at True Smile Works are experts in many areas of dental health and definitely with children, we got a few tips from Dr, Lais Machado, which will help us keep our kids teeth (and our own), in great condition!

Dr Lais Machado, graduate from the Federal University of Bahia in Brazil, as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. She is a general dentist with vast experience from Brazil who joined our clinic in Dubai to continue pursuing optimum results in smile makeovers.

Dr Lais specializes in composites and veneers, bridges, crowns, fillings and allying aesthetics with oral health care. Moreover, Dr Lais is a trustworthy family dentist, with a background in children cares and preventive treatments, such as fluoride and dental sealants application, as well as restorative procedures, following a minimally invasive dental care approach, in a pleasant and empathic environment.

As parents we are always looking for a dentist who we trust for our children and who make it easy for a nervous visit, how do True Smile support families and how do you advise we overcome our children’s fear of the dentist?

In True Smile Works you will find a welcoming and friendly environment from the time you enter the clinic until you leave. We offer a wide range of dental treatments which includes all specialities for the needs of the entire family. Furthermore, during the treatment, we explain every single step and we always reachable for any of our patients for any questions after the treatment.

You can help to overcome your children’s dentist fear using a positive language – When talking to your child about an upcoming dental appointment, make sure to avoid negative language such as “pain” or “shot” that may make the visit seem frightening for the child. Instead, focus on positive language such as “clean, strong, healthy teeth” that can set the tone for a positive experience.

Be a good role model: take your child with you next time you have to go in for routine cleaning. Smile while you’re getting examined and let your child know that a trip to the dentist is painless.

Read books about the dentist. A few books to start with include: Show Me Your Smile: A Visit to the Dentist (Dora the Explorer) by Christine Ricci, Just Going to the Dentist by Mercer Mayer, Behold, No Cavities! A Visit to the Dentist (SpongeBob Squarepants) by Nickelodeon, and Tooth Trouble by Jane Clarke.


In your opinion when should we be taking our children to the dentist, for the first time and how regularly should we be making a visit to the dentist?  

It’s recommended that a child goes to the dentist by age 1 or within six months after the first tooth erupts.

The first visit is mostly about getting kids used to the dentist’s chair and educating parents about how to care for baby’s teeth.

Until age 3, the Dental visit is yearly. After that, the standard every six-month dental visit is recommended.

Each case needs to be personally evaluated during the consultation.

A lot of families have questions about supplements and vitamins nowadays.  What are important vitamins and minerals for children to have in their diet to support healthy gums and teeth

The vitamins and minerals we consume through our diet help strengthen our teeth and bones, and boost our oral health.

  • Calcium: If you’re not getting enough calcium in your diet, your body takes the calcium it needs from your teeth and bones, causing them to weaken. You can find calcium in dairy products, canned sardines. Vegan options: fortified cereals, soy-based products, and leafy green vegetables.
  • Vitamin D: It helps your body absorb calcium. Our bodies make vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Around 15 minutes a day is often enough.
  • Phosphorus: helps your body consume calcium and also works alongside calcium to protect and rebuild tooth enamel. You can find in seafood, soybeans, lentil, eggs, etc.
  • Iron: Supplements for healthy gums often contain iron because of the way this mineral helps the body maintain healthy red blood cell levels. A lack of iron can weaken the immune system. Even if your child has good oral hygiene, low iron levels can make it more likely that your child will develop gum disease and oral infections.
  • Vitamins A, B and C: Help preventing mouth sores, saliva production and healing process respectively.
  • Potassium: you can find in bananas (which are popular with children) and also in avocados. This mineral helps to increase bone mineral density.

It is important to offer your child different type of food to have all those vitamins and minerals sources. The need for supplement will be checked during the consultation.

With the festive season around the corner, chocolate and sugary candies are everywhere.  No candy ever isn’t really a practical option but are there smarter candy choices or ways to enjoy the odd sweet treat without harming our teeth?

We all know the candy is a villain for our tooth healthy. However, it`s hard to stay away from them, especially when we are talking about children!

Do you know that most of the time the cause of the problem is not just what you eat, but how often do you eat it? Therefore, your child can have candy as a dessert or during snack time, but not during the entire day. It`s important also to remember to brush the teeth at least twice a day and regularly use dental floss to avoid dental cavities and to maintain good oral health.

Finally, could you share your 5 top tips in dental care for Children & Adults?


  • Child and Adults must be flossing everyday (treat flossing as important as brushing);
  • Brush your teeth at least 2 times daily, especially before going to bed;
  • Use a fluoride toothpaste;
  • Be gentle while brushing your teeth (choose a soft brush. If you have difficulty with a brush, you should consider an electric brush);
  • Do not neglect the Gum Bleeding (usually this is an indicator of inflammation)

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