DeClutter – Physically and Mentally and feel great!

It’s our pleasure to chat with Saahil Mehta an Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker and also an expert on Decluttering your life to feel great and find your purpose.

In our interview we find out more about Decluttering and how it is much more than just the material world, it is also a process of decluttering your body, mind and people to find your purpose. Grab a coffee and enjoy the read – also make sure you join our webinar with Saahil, Tuesday 9th June at 2pm – register here

Tell us about yourself and your journey to building your decluttering concept

Four years I embarked on a journey to remove the mental and physical clutter from my life when I got a taste of how amazing life could be. Once people saw the benefits this brought me which included more time to fill with my passion and priorities, greater focus and awareness, creating stronger and deeper relationships, and starting each day on a high and more energy, they started to approach me to find out more.

I now help leaders overcome mental overload through a 3-step process to reach their summit so they can live a healthy stress-free life with financial abundance.


Why is it good to declutter?

Clutter is basically dead weight that you are carrying around with you that is preventing you from achieving greatness. Imagine all that baggage you are carrying around wherever you go. Imagine what you can achieve when you cut loose this cutter?


Is decluttering simply a case of getting rid of material things that we no longer use?

Decluttering is not only removing physical clutter but also mental clutter: making sure your body is no longer a distraction and working at an optimal level; removing the clutter between you and people you care about, bringing you closer; and removing the constant battles you face in your mind.


How does decluttering help you find your purpose

When you have clutter in your life, it is as if you are walking in fog constantly. By removing the clutter, you start to see more clearly and connect with your inner being which allows you to find your why. In the words of Mark Twain,  ‘The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out 


I have tried decluttering and I find it so hard to get rid of things, can you provide any tips?

When you remove things, you are not throwing it away but rather donating it to someone else. Think about it, an item that no longer serves any purpose in your life is now making a difference in someone else’s life who may not be as fortunate as you. Essentially, you are decluttering for smiles.


What do you recommend with items that I have an emotional tie to, however this plie keeps growing and growing

Let me ask you this – if you give the item away, does the memory disappear? As you already know, it does not. To make it easier, think about the benefit you are bringing in someone else’s life over keeping it with you where it is not even being used. Start giving away things that have no emotional tie and once you see how much you have impacted another, it just makes it easier to give away the items with an emotional tie.


How can I get my kids to declutter their toys!

Kids are amazing at decluttering because they grow out of their toys, books and clothes. Get them into the habit by including them every time you declutter their items. Share with them how they are making a difference in the lives of kids who are less fortunate than them. Children are full of compassion and love and once they know how they are impacting other kids, they get excited to give their items away.


Once I have had a decluttering session, how do I keep this going in my daily life?

It is always the first step which is the hardest. Once you start to experience the benefits of removing the dead weight that is holding you down, this will provide you the momentum to keep going. One great method which I use is to find an accountability partner who is going to hold you accountable for the steps you wish to take. It is easy to make an excuse with yourself but it is much harder with someone else.