5 reasons to add a staycation to your Dubai summer plans

As unbelievable as it may sound, a Dubai summer staycation is well worth some of your precious weekends and leave credits. Staycations have become as popular in this city as Friday brunches and waterparks, and it’s easy to understand why. Every year, there’s just more and more staycation options in the city no longer just for your last-minute indulgence. Here are 5 more reasons why you should make them part of your summer plans:

Relax for Real

While it’s nice to have a jam-packed itinerary exploring a new city, taking 1,000+ selfies against famous landmarks and shopping for souvenirs to give to friends, is it always worth coming back feeling more tired than you were when you left? If rest and relaxation are an important consideration for you, then choose a staycation that’s away from the city but not too far to suffer long queues, stuffy flights, and travel fatigue. JA Hatta Fort Hotel is just over an hour’s drive from the city, with 2 pools, a sunset terrace and bar, beautiful mountain scenery and enough fresh air (that’s slightly cooler than in the city) to chill you out.

It’s great value

When your bank statements don’t exactly encourage a stay in a private chalet with Michelin-star dining and skiing on the Swiss Alps, staycations are a blessing. In Dubai, nothing spells summer like amazing deals, and if you choose the right offer, it could even help you save for your next grand holiday. An overnight stay for 2 at JA Hatta Fort Hotel starts from an incredibly low rate of AED 369 including breakfast – equivalent to what you would pay for a mid-range brunch elsewhere.Your (renewed) mind will thank you for it.

With the enormous amount of time we spend on screens, tuning out has become crucial to our well-being more than ever. A change in environment will certainly take your mind off deadlines, to-do lists and day-to-day chores, and there’s a significant amount of research saying that being close to nature and spending time outdoors is the best way to reduce stress and regain balance.

And if you think Dubai is all desert and concrete jungle, you might want to look up Hatta and its many natural wonders, including the Hajjar Mountains, Hatta date and palm farms and the stunning Hatta Water Dam. 

No more anxious planning

Staycations allow for a little bit more spontaneity and lots of surprises. Consider one that involves a short road trip that isn’t so tiring but leaves room for free exploration. The drive up to Hatta is only over an hour and goes through the magnificent Hajjar mountains, where you can spot some wildlife unique to this part of the world and even stop for some fresh fruits by the roadside. No pre-holiday anxiety, and no post-holiday blues, either! Staycationers can keep on coming back to JA Hatta Fort Hotel and get rewarded with a JA Discovery membership.

It’s the perfect gift.

Celebrating a special occasion over the summer? A staycation could mean the gift of quality time for family or friends. And if you take them to a place that’s a little bit more understated than Downtown or The Palm, it would feel more like a romantic elopement or rural escape. Book a local experience as part of your staycation and you’ll have more memories to come back to. With a stay at JA Hatta Fort Hotel, you can book an exclusive romantic dinner on a secluded hilltop location, a visit to the local bee farm or if feeling more adventurous, some archery, ziplining, wall climbing and mountain biking.

There’s always something new

If you’re worried you’ll see the same boring sights you see on your daily commute, you’ll be surprised what you can experience when you’re playing tourist in your own city. And Dubai is always coming up with something new, from art to dining, entertainment to learning and technology to adventure. There are even places in the city that don’t feel like a city.

A staycation at JA Hatta Fort Hotel, for instance, transports you to a totally new environment. If the scenic drive and natural surroundings alone don’t whisk you out of zombie mode, Hatta’s local charm partnered with heartfelt service in JA Hatta Fort Hotel is certainly a breath of fresh air.

Enjoy your next (Hatta) staycation!