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Kïdo Home are extremely pleased to announce the launch of further sessions for the Middle East including morning and afternoon sessions to accommodate the demand from all our families.

As you had expressed interest in Kido Home, but have still not experienced it either via our classes or trial sessions, we would like you to take this opportunity to register with us.  If you would like to sign up for Kido Home, Please register yourself by clicking the below:

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Kïdo Home is a complete alternative to international preschool. Along with math, literacy, art and STEM your child will be exposed to life skills, physical and emotional development and will have the opportunity to learn a second language. You will also have access to seven activities to do every week at home!

Our weekly one-on-one sessions with each child ensure focused attention and the customisation of our curriculum and content to the abilities of each child.

We ensure the online sessions are carried out in small groups of 6-8 children to ensure a strong focus on each child! Our Virtual Preschool is designed to require minimal support from Parents!

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