House of Comms wins MEPRA award for Mums@Work

Since launch in April this year we have been working at hundred miles an hour! It’s been a fantastic journey so far and we are super pleased with the success we have seen pushing flexible working to become the norm in the region. With over 8k registered candidates and well over 50 placements we area so happy with the progress we are making – and there is much more to come as we continue to post roles daily, launch career events and workshops and expand our website to cover career advice and now content on great activities to do with your family time.


We have been working some amazing partners on our journey so far, from companies looking to hire, trainers and speakers assisting us in events and workshops and the fantastic House of Comms, our PR agency who have been integral in creating our brand and sharing our messages.


House of Comms have worked tirelessly with media, bloggers and businesses to spread the word of what Mums@Work are striving to achieve and push forward flexible working in the region to the point it becomes the norm and the mass of untapped talent is welcomed back to the workplace. With over 60 pieces of coverage in press, radio interviews and even TV appearances! I am extremely pleased for the recognition they received at the MEPRA Awards being presented with the GOLD Award for media relations for the launch of Mums@Work! 


Well done ladies and let’s smash 2017! #flexiisthenorm

Louise, MD Mum@Work