A coffee with Louise Karim

The Connector interviews Louise Karim, Managing Director of Mums@Work.

What brought you to Dubai?

After living in London for 12 years it was time for a change. I took a role with Emirates Airline in their Corporate Communications department and headed off to the desert for what I thought would be a few years, and I’m still here over eight years later!

Describe a typical day.

An early wake up as my youngest likes to get up around 4am! I spend time with my two boys (Hamdan three years and Harith 19 months) and head out for an early morning run, after that I get to the office by around 7.30am. Following a catch up with the team to focus our day I am generally out and about in the city at meetings, then at around 3pm I pick the boys up from nursery. We then enjoy a few hours in the park before bedtime. That’s when I can enjoy a few hours with my husband or pick up any unfinished work from the day.

How did you get into this profession?

I come from a communications background with over 15 years in marketing, digital and PR so moving into recruitment was a bit of a change for me. Though for me it is much more than recruitment it’s about changing the ways of working for women in the region and empowering women to get back to the workplace after having time away, something I am very passionate about and understand fully with two young boys! I joined David Mackenzie, founder of Mackenzie Jones and Mums@Work, early in 2016 and since then have developed the company to where we are today.

What is the best thing about your job?

Being able to help talented, professional women back to the workplace in a way that allows them to perfectly balance their career and family. Feedback from mums we have placed in roles as well as those attending our events and workshops. It provides so much motivation to keep going and push to make flexible working the norm in the region.

And the worst?

That we can’t get everyone a flexible job (just yet!) We have over 8,000 professional mums registered with us and we are working hard not only to find roles for them, but also empower and train them through our monthly events and workshops lead by industry professionals.

What was a standout moment in your career?

The launch of Mums@Work, as I mentioned this is so much more than a job, it’s a passion for me and the rest of the team. We are making changes and helping so many talented women get back to the workforce.

What advice would you have for any young person wanting to get into your field?

I think being determined and focused on what you want to do is very important, you will get knocks along the way, but keep going and be creative with your approach. Always strive to expand your knowledge and experience – this could be through practical experience such as an internship, through your networks and events in the region.

Your motto?

‘If you never try you never know’.


Article written by Connector.ae