I have been in the Middle East for over 10 years and suspect I will be here for a lot longer. My career has been with three companies, all within the world of recruitment. I became a Dot comer at the age of 30 where I headed up Monster.co.uk and learnt that you don’t have to follow the norm ( I also learnt to skateboard in the office!)

When I set up Mums@Work, it was the first company in the region to look at getting mums back into flexible working. I am very proud of the team, in particular Louise, who has taken my idea and made it happen. My day job is to run Mackenzie Jones across the Middle East and seem to spend my life inside a plane, but  I still recruit and the best part of my time here is meeting my clients and candidates.

I am keen fitness fanatic and am always pushing myself with competitions and have competed in the Ironman, Tour of Good Hope and the Warrior series with the #MJWarriorsDXB.  I am a very proud Dad of two very tall and feral boys and what seems like an expanding motley crew of animals at my house. My proudest moment in the UAE was when I was invited to meet His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum at the Palace. I still bore my friends with this story.