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Hiring a private tutor or tutoring company is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. Our warm and caring staff here at MetaMindz is pleased to offer FREE consultations to Women@Work families.

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When does a child need private tutoring or learning support outside of school? As an increasing number of mothers are working in the UAE, ensuring that children have adequate academic support outside of school can be a daunting task for families. From preparing for upcoming tests and projects to day to day homework and study time, most students can find themselves in need of additional support from time to time.

MetaMindz Learning Center, Dubai’s most trusted name in K-8 reading and math, university preparation, and adult English advises parents to look for the following signs to determine if tutoring or additional learning support should be considered.


Standardized Assessment Scores Below Level. In the British system, most students write a CAT-4. In the American system, students write the NWEA MAP. If you child’s skills are below skill level, it could greatly impact their ability to keep up with grade level school work. A good private tutor should be able to pinpoint weaker skills and efficiently help your child catch up.

  • Recently Changed Schools / Curriculum
  • Lacks Confidence / Developing Low Self Esteem
  • Preparation for University: SAT Exam, University Prep Courses, IELTS Exam
  • Cannot Complete Homework Independently
  • Poor Test Scores and Report Card Grades

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