Answering the why

With the constant global climate change, it’s crucial that we use our resources wisely. Prism is consistently on the lookout for Sustainable solutions and answers to  growing world issues.

  • Are you passionate about climate change?
  • Does it pain you to see Energy wasting out of taps and sockets?
  • Are you concerned about the Carbon Footprint you and your company are leaving behind?
  • Do you desire a cleaner, greener natural world for your children?

If your answer to any of the above is a YES, this is why we are here.


PRISM Group is synonymous to Renewable Energy and Sustainability. We aim to effectively change the quality of living, working and delivering solutions. PRISM aspires to be your “value enhancing solutions and service provider” (VESSP).

Our vision is focused on sustainable development, a focus on the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations. We guarantee to balance economic growth, care for the environment and social well-being.

Our solutions in Renewable Energy, Saving Water, Desalination, Wastewater Treatment and Sustainable Living contribute to achieving environmental sustainability on several fronts. PRISM wants to lead the transition towards a low-carbon economy, quality benchmark and innovation processes to all projects, optimization of efficient use of resources and respect for the environment.

Though the dependence on fossil fuel cannot be easily or soon done away with, PRISM is committed to moving towards a world that someday, very near in the future, will run completely on Renewable Power Solutions!

Our products 

ALTERED Nozzles & Taps

ALTERED Nozzles & TapsMade with Lead-free Ecobrass. 85% – 98% water conservation,1800 Switch. Enhanced Spray Mode/ soothing mist mode. Optimized for public areas, retrofits into existing taps reducing cost. Adapters for the most common tap sizes. Simple 30 sec installation. Tamper-proof, Anti-Theft Design. All organic natural ingredients in the foam with 0% parabens, 0% silicone, 0% mineral Oils, 0% nano ingredients and 0% palm oil.

AQUAIR – Atmospheric Water Generators

AQUAIR Atmospheric Water GeneratorsIn combination with renewable energy such as solar, wind, etc. an Atmospheric water generator will continuously produce water in isolated or water deprived areas with ZERO Energy cost, ZERO carbon footprint and negative effects on the environment thereby preserving the Earth. The AWGs can produce water whenever & wherever required. It can be easily transported starting from 20 ltrs up to 20,000 ltrs.

They have an ambient working condition for production but are also designed to function in arid climates, industrial or polluted areas, remote location with no access to grid, etc.

Operating at temperatures ranging from 5C to 40C and humidity of 30% to 100%, AWGs give you water after multiple-level purification of sediment, PP, Pre-Carbon, UF, Post-Carbon and Mineralization.

Sentinel – Wastewater Management

Sentinel Wastewater ManagementThe solutions are beyond just wastewater management, they transform In-fluent water (untreated wastewater) into effluent water (treated water) fit to be discharged into rivers and lakes.

Biological decomposition and degradation of landfills, aquaculture supplement to replace and populate freshwater and paddy composting as a process in land remediation are a few things that we cover in our solutions.

Sentinel – Eat the Grease

Breaking the Grease in the grease traps by-products that are actually beneficial to the environment. All that grease are turned into mere nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide and water.

Flex – Stain Remover

Flex Stain RemoverCompletely Eco-friendly used safely on all surfaces including cloth, upholstery and carpet. Produced on ISO/HACCP standards. Tried and tested to remove all kinds of stains of cooking oil, juice, fruit, ice cream, lipstick, makeup, hair dye and blood. Compact and easy-to-carry. 100% natural solution containing amphoteric (amino acids + proteins) and anion (negatively charged ions) substances in floral water.

  • Non-carcinogenic and safe to be used by everyone: kids, pregnant women and persons of all categories and age.
  • Does not cause skin irritation and allergy.
  • Does not produce any dangerous vapors and can be inhaled safely.
  • Does not contain bleachers and other ingredients harmful to people, animals and environment.
  • Has a pleasant fragrance, is non-inflammable and ecologically biodegradable.


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