Masterminds Nursery & Kindergarten

Masterminds Nursery & Kindergarten combines a mother’s traditional wisdom with over 60 years of leading-edge research in child development by Nobel Prize winners to deliver an enriched curriculum proven to multiply your child’s intelligence and capabilities through joyous learning.

    • 60 years of global experience
    • Personalized attention with learning groups of 3 – 6 children
    • Daily English, Arabic and French languages
    • Integrated enrichment programs like Swimming, Gymnastics, Ball Sports and Violin
    • Integrated nutritious meals
    • Class teams of 5 – 6 highly trained, specialist teachers
    • Bespoke campus themed after the likes of Van Gogh and Shakespeare
    • Purpose-designed early years facilities: swimming pool, sports field, indoor & outdoor play areas, library, music rooms and gymnasium

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Address Villa No 17, Rumiah Street, Dubai
Contact Number +971 56 4430695