Little Bellies

At Little Bellies, we believe that nurturing comes naturally, so we simply provide wholesome age-appropriate, organic foods that parents trust to support their child’s natural development.

Our Baby Bellies range of soft shapes, new textures and delicate flavours made with baby-friendly ingredients are just right for tiny taste buds starting on their life-long food journey. Every bite goes melty soft once nibbled, making them perfect for encouraging safe self-feeding as they grow.

With two age-appropriate stages, Baby Bellies is perfect for growing little bellies; Tasty Textures; for babies from 7+ months to introduce subtle flavour and new texture experiences, and More to Explore, suitable for babies from 10+ months bringing new adventures in taste, shape and texture to promote independence.

Pick up your pack from @Choithrams today and see what your little one thinks!

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