Hala Kids – Qualified Nanny – EYFS Teaching Assistants to your home!

Hala Kids offers qualified Nanny-EYFS Teaching Assistants coming daily to your home supporting, mentoring, and delivering a full British EYFS curriculum.

Hala Kids EFYS Nanny-Teaching Assistants support you with all day childcare, cleaning, cooking, washing, etc. They combine the role of nanny and educator.

Our British Teachers stream live lessons daily and oversee the teaching assistants delivering learning. Lessons are 15-minute interactive sessions with lots of activities away from the screen. We cover all aspects of British curriculum learning for the under 5 years to ensure they are developmentally ready for school.

Hala Kids offers 5 lessons daily including circle time, topic talks, arts and crafts, physical education, mathematics, and many more.

Hala Kids use the latest technology through an online learning portal.  All your course materials are delivered to your home.  We have a live upload journal to track your child’s learning journey and access to extensive resources and activities for your child to access to support their learning. Teachers will also observe and assess your child and regular parent-teacher meetings.