Don’t spend to destroy, invest to create!

Etuix was born as an idea to preserve the environment and protect it with harmful man-made substances.

In 2009, the idea to recycle and reuse all the leftover or unusable posters from advertising campaigns (billboards) became a brand in Switzerland and Italy. Etuix promotes the preservation of the environment by ensuring that the PVC does not end up in landfill.

The posters are turned into bags, purses, trolleys, phone cases, shoes and wallets. Etuix promotes a circular economy approach that is driven by reuse of materials that are deemed unusable in order to prolong their lifecycle before they end up in a landfill or are incinerated.

Every product of Etuix is unique in the world!

Starting from October 2018 Etuix has consolidated its production with a line of objects coming from material in the UAE and locally produced. In May 2019 ETUIX started a close collaboration with DGRADE to be able to offer an even wider product portfolio.

To purchase your luxury bag, please click the Etuix website

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