Dubai Garden Centre

Dubai Garden Centre, the green Aladdin’s cave of Dubai. It’s no secret that we offer a wide range of outdoor and indoor plants; however, you’ll also find new treasures in every corner. Whether you are a green thumb, enjoy the serene beauty of a garden, or simply love your home, we have something for everyone!

Sourced from Around the World

We individually select our teak & hardwood furniture from around the world so you’ll only find these unique pieces in Dubai Garden Centre. When it comes to cuisine, we ensure authentic Italian flavours by flying our herbs in fresh from the beautiful lands of Tuscany, along with the finest olive oil, pasta and other delicacies.

From friendly-faced gnomes to large flamboyant water fountains, we have it all! Dads will love our extensive DIY range; we stock all the tools and accessories needed to beautify your garden, and our friendly domestic landscaping team will help you make the right choices.

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Address Sheikh Zayed Road, 4th interchange, Dubai
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Contact Number 04-590 4333