Coffee morning with EHN midwife

Emirates Home Nursing (EHN) leading midwife, Anoesjka Myburg, will cover everything related to newborn care including;
– breastfeeding,
– baby sleep,
– baby signing,
– vaccinations, and much more.

She will prepare answers for commonly asked questions by new mothers, examples “how do I know that my baby is hungry”, “how long do I need to breastfeed for?”, “When will my baby sleep through the night?” and “How do I prepare for vaccination day”.



Anoesjka Myburg, Lead Midwife at Emirates Home Nursing

Anoesjka Myburg is a Registered Nurse and Qualified Midwife with over a decade’s worth of experience in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. She has worked as a senior midwife in Tawam hospital and Mediclinic hospital before joining Emirates Home Nursing. Anoesjka’s hospital experience also extends to Neonatal ICU, where she monitored and managed babies in NICU. Anoesjka has helped families in her 10-year midwifery practice and has personally ushered the births of over 500 healthy babies into the world. She has guided countless women and mother and enjoys getting to know her patients and the relationships she forms with women and their families. She also believes in the importance of empowering women and mothers through education and helping them make informed choices about their healthcare and the birthing process.

Event Details

Dates 2 October 2019
Times 9am – 10:30am
Venue Outbreak room at the NOOK, one JLT
City Dubai
Prices Free Event
Contact 044571768