The Perfection Trap – Webinar Series

The 8th webinar in a weekly series of 13 designed to help women explore their relationship to the typical habits that hold them back from more success in their careers. Based on the principles from the bestselling book- How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen.

This webinar takes you through Habit 7- The Perfection Trap

In this webinar we will:

Discuss the habit of The Perfection Trap
Engage with a case study of how this habit shows up
Understand how to recognize if you suffer from The Perfection Trap
Share dialogue of real life experiences in relationship to the habit
Learn how to overcome the habit.

Melissa Schlimm and Simone Lawrence Managing Partners of The Ameliorate Group.
The Ameliorate Group (TAG) superpowers teams, leaders and women in the workplace through corporate coaching and learning solutions that range from bite sized webinars to long-term development programs incorporating executive coaching. The ‘How Woman Rise” workshop and train the trainer program is available across the Middle East through the Ameliorate Group powered by Sally Helgesen.

Event Details

Dates 22 July 2020
Times 3pm – 4pm
Venue Online
City Anywhere in UAE
Prices Free Event