Interview Skills

We are delighted to partner with Deliveroo on a series of job search strategy virtual workshops, Women@Work will be hosting these free workshops to help our community who are looking for their next role or to build their networks across digital media.

The workshops will be led by Edwin Seah, Senior Recruiter for Deliveroo who overseas hiring across all functions and seniority in the Middle East (Kuwait and the UAE). Edwin has 6+ years’ experience in talent management, prior to Deliveroo, he was in Microsoft APAC for 4 years focused on campus recruitment and talent development. Edwin is highly committed towards diversity and inclusion and plays a leadership role in relevant committees that support gender equality such as Lean In Singapore.

How to ace your Interview  

In this session you will learn

  • Gain an understanding of the recruitment process and what interviewers asses you on
  • Identify 4 key areas and  how to build your dialogue to match what interviews are looking for; Value, Fit and Leadership, Growth Potential, Strength and Competency and Knowledge and Experience
  • Interactive support on how to best prepare for your interview
  • How to prepare for your salary negotiation
  • Building rapport and getting your core messaging over in a limited time
  • Tips and advice on the best way to virtually interview

Event Expired

Dates 22 June 2020
Times 2pm UAE Time – 3pm
Venue Online
City Anywhere in UAE
Prices Free Event