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Building a full stack app is no easy task! That’s why AstroLabs are here to help.

They have worked with hundreds of startups & multinationals, one of the biggest areas that they feel the region needs to catch up on is quality tech talent. In order to solve this knowledge gap, AstroLabs Academy has built a 2 month part time Coding Bootcamp, built by and for professional practitioners.

The workshops are designed to be the kind that they’re passionate about, mainly Full Stack JavaScript, since that’s where the market going.
This coding boot camp is designed for the working professional and student. All sessions and material will be delivered after hours, on weekends and remotely!

This boot camp will focus on five main areas:
• In-Person Training On Core Topics
• Mentorship, and Office Hours sessions
• Remote Online Learning & Blended Learning With Follow Up
• Project Based With Real World Capstone Assignment App
• Open Coding & Pair Programming Sessions At Co-working Space

This program focuses on modern technologies used by full stack developers that include: Domains, Hosting, Basics of WordPress, HTML, CSS (including Flexbox & CSS Grid), Atomic Design Principles, How To Build an MVP (Minimum Viable Prototype), JavaScript (basic algorithms), Node JS , MongoDB, Mongoose, Webpack, Git, React JS and even the basics of React Native (to build hybrid mobile apps)!

Learn more about the full program below.

Week 1 ->
** Intro To Coding, Web Development & Building Your First eCommerce Site From Scratch
** Building Websites From The Ground Up With HTML & CSS Workshop

Week 2 ->
** MVP Prototyping & Product Management Workshop

Week 3 ->
** Basics of Javascript Workshop

Week 4-5 ->
** Javascript Backends & Databases Workshop

Week 6-7 ->
** Learn React JS & Javascript Frontend Workshop

Week 8 ->
** Final Project Demo & Wrap Up


Ahmad Abugosh – Director of Marketing & Learning Programs at AstroLabs.
Ahmad leads marketing, workshops and events at AstroLabs Academy. Previously worked at MBC, Namshi, an RBI, and has professional expertise in Analytics, Digital Marketing, Full-stack Web Development, and Business Intelligence. BS Computer Engineering from the American University of Sharjah and Google & Facebook certified.

Hussam Mohsineh – CEO at
Hussam Mohsineh, Innovation enabler with a spectrum of practical experience across key areas of training, and developing startups. Hussam facilitates various startups programs and leads the design and development of mobile apps and websites.

Mustafa Hanif – Software Engineer at Dubizzle
Currently working as a Software Engineer at Dubizzle. Previously he has worked in game development, and as a software engineer for Laimoon and Daresay.?? He has expertise in React JS, Node JS, Semantic UI, Java, Game development, Ember JS and other JavaScript frameworks.

Danial Entezari – Technology Director at Huephase
Danial Entezari is Technology Director at Huephase, a digital agency catering to the mobile web. He is passionately committed to working with innovative web and cloud-based technologies. Danial was previously Digital Development Lead at Face to Face UAE, the Middle East’s largest and most established independently owned communications agency, where he worked on projects for some of the biggest international and regional brands.

For a more detailed description of the course and additional speakers, please click here


This boot camp will benefit your career in 3 ways:

** You will be able to build your own full stack JavaScript application. A highly in demand skill which will allow you to build your own project, or work as a full-stack, frontend, or backend developer.
** They will connect you with our network of recruiters, and companies to help land you a job!
** As a KHDA accredited Training Institute, AstroLabs will grant a certificate on the completion of this boot camp, which shows employers that you’re legit!


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Event Details

Dates 12 - 3 August 2019
Times – Various
Venue Astrolabs, Cluster R
City Dubai
Prices AED AED 4500 (inc. discount)
We accept