Shereen Hoban

  • Post Graduate Certificate Executive and Business Coaching awarded by Leeds Beckett University.
  • Senior Practitioner Level Coaching Certificate awarded by The European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • Diploma in Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation.
About Shereen Hoban

Shereen is an executive and business coach. She’s passionate about coaching ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals with a blend of strategic and mindfulness practices to bring about success, balance and growth – professionally and personally.

Shereen works with new business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals from all kinds of industries, but one thing they all have in common is the desire to transform their futures, have more control of their lives and up-level their careers and businesses for mega success. (And all while having MORE time for themselves, their passions and their families).

Her unique approach combines her experience as an executive, business and life coach with mindfulness coaching, mindset and analytical work. Shereen unlocks your potential so you can get to wherever it is you want to be.

Having spent much of her career in the fast-paced creative world of advertising and eventually hitting burnout, she knows all about the ‘dream’. The one where you imagine having more balance, more time, less stress, and a job that makes you excited each day. She understands this scenario both as a professional coach and as someone who has benefited profoundly from working with a coach of her own.

  • Working with a wide variety of client topics, such as helping her clients to be more resilient in their lives, developing leadership and management skills, finding a better work life integration, navigating big career and life transitions, keeping motivation during periods of change, and preparing for / returning from maternity leave.
  • Helps entrepreneurs and self-starters to refocus their vision and strategic priorities for their businesses.
  • A strategic thinker, Shereen has the ability to simplify complex issues to move her clients forward. Her sessions are supportive, positive and challenging. The aim is always to unlock thoughtful and powerful insights, which create big shifts to get her clients to where they need to be. 
How Shereen Hoban can help you

Coaching with Shereen enables you to make real changes in your life. The way Shereen works is professional, grounded, strategic and focused. But it’s also creative, personal and balanced with mindfulness and meditation techniques. Her coaching programs cater for a broad range of people, from executives and directors to entrepreneurs, small business owners and beyond. Whatever your situation, she will help you to build on your strengths and get clear on how to create the future you want.Here is an overview of some of the areas she can help with;

  • Give a strategic perspective
  • Focused exercises
  • Regular guidance
  • On-going support to make all the difference between staying where you are and taking huge leaps forward
In a nutshell

I’m a real person, like you! I have two children and love running and being in the great outdoors. I work in London and spend the rest of my time on the coast on the beautiful Isle of Wight. My work style is genuine without being overwhelming. I won’t make you cringe, and if I do you have my permission to tell me off.